Wind River Workbench Delivers Industry’s Most Advanced Device Software Optimization Development Suite

  • Industry’s first and only Eclipse-based open device software development solution that offers deep capability for developers across the entire development process in a single integrated suite for VxWorks, Linux and ThreadX
  • Wind River Workbench offers configurations ranging from on-chip debugging and system bring-up, to application and full-blown kernel development
  • Expands platform aware capabilities to include ThreadX, Red Hat Linux, 2.6 Linux, MontaVista Linux, in addition to Wind River VxWorks and Wind River Linux
  • Contributes Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) project specification to as Eclipse Strategic Developer
  • Latest versions of RTI ScopeTools are incorporated into Wind River Workbench

ALAMEDA, Calif. and ORLANDO, Fla. – May 23, 2005 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that it is radically redefining the development tool space with four configurations of Wind River Workbench to meet the needs of different developers. Wind River Workbench 2.3 is the industry’s first and only Eclipse-based open device software development solution that offers deep capability for developers across the entire development process in a single integrated suite. Wind River Workbench supports development on the VxWorks and Linux operating systems, as well as the ThreadX operating system from Express Logic, which was announced today. Please visit the related press release here:

“Stand alone development solutions have become things of the past,” said John Fanelli, vice president, product planning and management, Wind River. “Development today is more intermeshed and complex than it has ever been. The only way for device developers to dramatically cut the time and cost associated with developing technologically advanced offerings is to use a development environment that works just as easily on one platform, in any role, as it does on any another. Wind River Workbench makes that optimized development dream possible.”

With the release of Workbench 2.3, the Workbench product line offers four configurations that allow organizations developing device software to outfit their developers with a specific package tuned to address their particular requirements. The four configurations include:

Wind River Workbench
The premier Wind River Workbench configuration provides a complete development solution for device software targeting VxWorks-, Linux- and ThreadX-based devices. Within this configuration, developers have access to the full range of capabilities required for hardware bring-up, platform and system software development, kernel-level development and application-level development. In addition, this release of Wind River Workbench incorporates the deep dynamic visual debugging and validation capabilities that were acquired in January 2005. Wind River Workbench is offered as a tightly integrated component of Wind River’s VxWorks- or Linux-based platforms, or as a standalone development suite for developing device software.

Wind River Workbench, Application Edition
This configuration of Workbench is designed to provide an equally powerful development solution targeted for use by Linux application developers who do not require advanced capabilities such as hardware bring-up or kernel-level development and debugging support. Wind River Workbench, Application Edition can be used to develop and debug on the target device that is being created or natively on a Linux host.

Wind River Workbench, Desktop Edition
This configuration of Wind River Workbench is ideally suited for developers looking to complement their existing development tool chain and/or debugger with a modern integrated development environment. Wind River Workbench, Desktop Edition provides powerful baseline development suite capabilities including a project system, build system, editor, and source code analysis capabilities identical to those offered in every Wind River Workbench configuration. Wind River Workbench, Desktop Edition can also be used simply as a code composition and comprehension environment, leveraging the power of its source code analysis capabilities and the integration of those capabilities with the editor.

Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition
This configuration of Workbench is designed to meet the needs of developers who are engaged early in the device software development cycle responsible for the initial board bring-up and validation, developing device drivers, incorporating low level software capabilities, and developing C/C++ applications. Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition offers a fully featured Wind River Workbench development environment optimized for the capabilities of JTAG-based debugging using Wind River ICE and Wind River Probe. This configuration is an ideal solution when working to bring up hardware that can be best debugged using JTAG-based run control.

Eclipse Device Software Development Platform Update
Wind River is delivering on its promise to lead the industry’s effort to drive standardization and value into the DSO developer community. In March of this year, Wind River and the Eclipse Foundation announced that Wind River was proposing and would lead an Eclipse Device Software Development Platform project, the first project specifically for device software development. Since that time, Wind River has made great progress in working with the community to define the DSDP project in more detail. The proposal has been posted on the Eclipse website at:, and a DSDP newsgroup has been established for public review and comment at: news://

“Wind River has been a valued contributor to the Eclipse Foundation, and we are very positive about the direction in which the Device Software Development Platform project is moving,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, Inc. “The device realm is truly an important area of software development and product differentiation, and we are confident that this new project is going to add tremendous value to the Eclipse community.”

Strong Partner Support for Wind River Workbench 2.3
Wind River boasts partnerships with many of the industry’s leading software and hardware technology providers, which affords customers the choices they need to be successful in a highly competitive and crowded market. Partners have expressed resounding support for Wind River Workbench 2.3.

“The partnership between Wind River and Coverity will give developers the unique ability to develop high quality code while improving time to market on an unprecedented scale. Wind River Workbench provides Coverity customers with a standard Eclipse-based development environment. Developers, using the combination of Coverity Prevent and Wind River Workbench, can easily locate and remedy software defects much faster than with conventional tools,” said David Park, vice president of business development, Coverity. “The static analysis and source browsing capabilities of Coverity Prevent allow developers to quickly and automatically pinpoint catastrophic defects in the source code. Combined with Wind River Workbench, this capability is made available to developers to address defects when they are introduced. Together, Wind River Workbench and Coverity Prevent complement Wind River's Device Software Optimization strategy, enabling developers to improve software quality much more effectively across the development process.”

“Software testing tool vendor IPL is working closely with Wind River to provide its Wind River Workbench and platform customers an automated unit and integration test solution,” said Shaun Davey, product manager, IPL. “IPL is excited to collaborate with Wind River in the software development and testing arena, to provide customers with leading-edge testing solutions. A tight integration of Cantata++ with the Wind River Workbench IDE and development tools will enable a dramatic increase in overall software quality, and reduce the risk and cost associated with development and maintenance of device software.”

“As part of its continuing relationship with Wind River and the Wind River VxWorks operating system, AdaCore is committed to providing world class Ada capabilities for the Wind River Workbench environment," said Robert Dewar, president and chief executive officer of AdaCore, Inc.

The Wind River Workbench family of products is available today in Early Access for select customers and will be generally available in June 2005.

To learn more about Wind River Workbench, please visit:

About Wind River
Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop and run device software faster, better, at a lower cost and more reliably. Wind River Platforms are pre-integrated, fully standardized enterprise-wide development solutions. They reduce effort, cost and risk, and optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process from concept to deployed product.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call Wind River at 1-800-872-4977.

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