Wind River Enables Integrated Commercial and Open Source Solutions Through Enhanced Support for TIPC in Industry Leading VxWorks Operating System; Contributes TIPC Implementation to Open Source Community Through SourceForge

  • Announces availability of TIPC on leading General Purpose Platform, VxWorks edition; extending value of the open source protocol to multiple operating systems
  • Enables device developers to seamlessly leverage TIPC on General Purpose Platform, VxWorks and Linux editions

ALAMEDA, Calif. – March 8, 2005 –Delivering on its mission to help device manufacturers standardize on choice, Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that it is extending the Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC) open source protocol to support the VxWorks operating system. TIPC is a protocol designed to optimize development of multiple processor systems, such as carrier grade clusters and network equipment devices, and has to-date been available only for Linux. By offering TIPC support for its Linux-based and now VxWorks-based platforms, Wind River is driving standardization and choice for all device software developers regardless of operating system. Wind River is contributing the TIPC extensions back to the community via SourceForge.

In order to better support TIPC and ensure its portability to as many operating systems as possible, Wind River has contributed its adaptation for VxWorks to the TIPC Open Source project on, part of the OSTG Network and a wholly-owned subsidiary of VA Software (NASDAQ: LNUX). "Open Source has always stood to give manufacturers, developers and end-users more choices in the operating systems they use, and is pleased to be the base for adding to these choices," said Jeff Bates, vice president of editorial operations for OSTG. "As the IT marketplace continues to change, the release of open standards and open products are part of the engine of success in the marketplace."

"This is great news. VxWorks' support for TIPC shows that Wind River is serious about supporting interoperability with Linux and other OSes," said Jon Maloy, M. Sc. senior researcher, Ericsson Research Canada, Montreal. "They clearly understand the need for a standard IPC mechanism for device software. Their contribution to the TIPC project has been invaluable, and their success once again proves that making TIPC easily portable was a smart strategy."

As industries converge, in areas of telecom and datacom, next generation networks and devices must be designed around standard protocols to ensure interoperability. Linux and VxWorks are the two predominant operating systems used in connected devices. Today's announcement enables TIPC to be leveraged across a significantly larger number of tomorrow's devices. Key benefits that TIPC for Wind River's General Purpose Platform brings to the industry include:

  • Portability

  • Location transparency

  • Performance

  • Resource Utilization - Load sharing between media

  • Subscription service for topology updates

"As the market leading provider of commercial Real Time Operating Systems, Wind River has an obligation to the Device Software Optimization market to embrace and extend the use of Open Source software," said John Fanelli, vice president of product planning and management for Wind River. "Today's market demands compatibility between devices running different operating systems. Wind River's commitment to open standard protocols like TIPC further enables and accelerates our customers' ability to benefit from open standards, helping them make quality devices better, faster, at a lower cost and more reliably. Customers value choice and options and vendors that do not provide them will not be successful in the market."

TIPC support for General Purpose Platform, VxWorks Edition and General Purpose Platform, Linux Edition, is currently available. To learn more, please visit:

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