Wind River Accelerates Car Infotainment System and Telematics Standardization—Supports COMET Program Expansion in Europe

  • Wind River and COMET bring integrated telematics solutions to the European automotive market
  • Wind River and COMET Program Partners aim to speed time to market and lower overall development costs

ALAMEDA, Calif. – November 11, 2004 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO) today announced that it continues to drive car infotainment system and telematics standards through its support of the COMET (Community Enabling Telematics) program expansion in Europe. Wind River delivers device software that provides manufacturers with the connectivity, security, reliability and quality they require to build next generation car infotainment and telematics devices better, faster, at a lower cost and more reliably.

Introduced by Renesas Technology, the COMET consortium was first launched in the US, aimed at bringing integrated systems solutions to the car infotainment and telematics market. Wind River's participation in the US program, and now the European program, signifies the company's commitment to building and growing long-term relationships with other industry leaders within the automotive market. The COMET program will help promote industry standardization through collaboration, thus supplying proven integrated platform-based solutions to the automotive market that allow customers to focus on their core differentiators.

"Automotive is a very important vertical market to Wind River, which is why we are committed to supporting the European COMET initiative," said John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer for Wind River. "By working with the partners within the COMET Program, we can help to build and promote standards that encourage innovation and growth within the telematics and car infotainment markets.”

COMET was formed in 2002 with a goal to accelerate the proliferation of car infotainment system and telematics products. With a consortium of top technology company support, COMET is able to offer customers comprehensive systems solutions by utilizing a readily available and optimized pool of application software. COMET aims to provide vertically integrated car infotainment system and telematics solutions to the automotive industry through middleware from third-parties, such as Wind River’s market-leading Platforms.

Wind River joins COMET’s European initiative with 24 other companies, including 3Soft, Acapela, Altia, Navigon and MPC Data. The program was announced in Europe during the Electronica Conference in Munich.

“We are pleased that Wind River is continuing its support to the COMET program in Europe,” said Chris Briggs, automotive system solutions manager for Renesas. “As one of the leaders in automotive and telematics middleware, the company has provided the consortium with the kind of technological support the automotive industry requires. In partnership with the other technology companies in COMET, Wind River is an integral part of the growth of automotive sophistication.”

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