Wind River Drives Device Software Optimization Shift With Largest Technology Release in Company's History

  • Device software to power 14 billion connected devices in five years
  • Device software proliferation drives consolidation in DSO space-results in fewer operating systems, fewer chip sets, demand for single end-to-end development suite and greater commercialization of market-specific middleware

ALAMEDA, Calif.--November 1, 2004--Wind River Systems [NASDAQ: WIND], the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today unveiled the largest technology release in the company’s history, with the announcement of Wind River’s Workbench 2.2, General Purpose Platforms, Market Specific Platforms and Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition. These products represent the industry’s first enterprise-wide device software solutions designed to make the entire device development-and-support lifecycle more efficient and effective.

The market for developing intelligent and connected device software is changing. In the past, manufacturers building device software used multiple operating systems and tools from a variety of commercial vendors to in-house development. Today, however, product lifecycles are accelerating, hardware is standardizing and manufacturers are increasingly relying on software to differentiate their products–driving a seminal shift in the device software market.

"More and more, products are being differentiated through innovation of device software. To succeed, companies must implement a Device Software Optimization strategy," said Theresa Lanowitz, research director at Gartner Inc. "By using standards-based solutions that offer support for end-to-end development, companies can accelerate software-driven innovation while ensuring that connectivity and security become a part of every device."

Device software proliferation is inevitable, as more than 14 billion devices will be connected by 2010 (source: Forrester). The demand for intelligent, connected devices is forcing manufacturers to use fewer operating systems, fewer chip sets, a single end-to-end development suite and commercialized middleware. With today’s technology announcements, Wind River is accelerating this market shift, enabling customers to develop and run device software better, faster, at a lower cost and more reliably.

“In order to meet the demands of a growing and more competitive market space, manufacturers now have the opportunity to build differentiated products based on standardized run-time platforms and development environments,” said Ken Klein, chief executive officer, chairman and president of Wind River. “We are continuing to meet our customers’ needs by providing solutions that reduce effort and risk while optimizing quality at all phases of the device software development process.”

The products announced today include:

  • Wind River Workbench: Eclipse based development suite that integrates best in class capabilities for each phase of the device development process, from hardware bring-up through application development and test, into a common environment. It is the only development suite that supports the two leading device software operating systems: VxWorks and Linux, as well as in-house proprietary. Read today’s release at:

  • Wind River General Purpose Platform: Built on the world’s most widely adopted real-time operating system, Wind River General Purpose Platform offers an enterprise-wide development solution that seamlessly integrates VxWorks 6.0, Wind River Workbench 2.2 and flexible middleware. Wind River General Purpose Platform includes MMU-based memory protection with enhanced error detection and management. Read today’s release at:

  • Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition — Provides a full device software optimization development platform for applications in the telecommunications and high-end data networking markets. Combines Carrier Grade Linux, support for popular telecom hardware such as ATCA and cPCI and includes Wind River Workbench, a device software development suite based on the Eclipse 3.0 framework. Read today’s release at:

  • Wind River Market Specific Platforms: Next generation Platforms–Platform for Consumer Devices, Platform for Industrial Devices and Platform for Network Equipment–include integration of substantial industry specific middleware for networking, management and security as well as an integrated development suite and VxWorks 5.5. Read today’s release at:

Wind River will also host a series of developer conferences around the world, beginning November 9, 2004. The conferences will showcase Wind River’s core product lines--Workbench, General Purpose Platform and Market Specific Platforms--and provide developers with hands-on access to the technology. For more information and to register, please visit:

Partner Support for Wind River

"The proliferation of intelligent devices and open computing demands a new collaborative environment where device designers, chip manufacturers, and other members of the community can work together on new and innovative applications. IBM® and Wind River are enabling that environment by providing the tools and know-how to help companies optimize the device
development-and-support lifecycle," said Raymond Bryant, director of Power products, IBM Systems & Technology Group.

"Freescale is excited that Wind River's new products announced today provide comprehensive support for the industry-leading PowerQUICC family," said Mike Shoemake, PowerQUICC marketing director for Freescale's Networking and Communications Systems Division. "By leveraging the combination of PowerQUICC communications processors' exceptional integration and performance and Wind River Platforms and Wind River Workbench, communications and networking equipment manufacturers have the solid foundation they require to bring new, innovative systems designs to market faster."

"Our customers are increasingly looking for standards based solutions that enable them to speed time to development while reducing costs," said Shlomo Pri-Tal, director of Technology, Motorola Embedded Communications Computing Group. "Wind River's technology announcements today underscore the industry's drive towards hardware and software standardization that will allow customers to focus on application innovation while ensuring the connectivity and security required for intelligent, connected devices.”

"In a series of Linux development seminars across the country, RTI recently demonstrated its Eclipse plugin tools, ProfileScope and MemScope which are an integral part of the Wind River Workbench. Developers were wowed by the slick environment, intuitive navigation, and easy visibility into essential development data through the new Eclipse perspectives,” said Lori Fraleigh, director of ScopeTools business unit at RTI.

“Tilcon Software strongly values its relationship with Wind River, and we are very excited to offer our unique, multiplatform GUI/HMI builder technology on the General Purpose Platform, VxWorks 6.0 Edition,” said Prosanto Sarkar, marketing director for Tilcon. “Moreover, our Interface Development Suite is ideally suited for Wind River’s Market Specific Platforms, and we look forward to jointly meeting the device software challenges of our mutual customers.”

“The advanced capabilities of VxWorks 6.0 combined with GNAT Pro, the complete Ada 95 native/cross development environment, provides our customers with a powerful and integrated solution. The combination of the Ada language, the GNAT Pro toolset, the Wind River Workbench and VxWorks 6.0 ensures that applications remain maintainable, reliable, efficient and portable,” Franco Gasperoni, Managing Director AdaCore EU.

“Wind River’s announcement today is closely aligned with Datalight’s goal of improving the overall reliability and dependability of network equipment, consumer devices, and industrial devices,” said David Cloutier, president of Datalight. “With the General Purpose Platform, VxWorks 6.0 Edition, Workbench and Datalight embedded storage products technology, including the Reliance file system and the FlashFX flash driver product families, Datalight and Wind River can provide manufacturers with an array of foundational solutions that help speed the development of innovative, reliable devices.”

About Wind River
Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). The company enables customers to develop and run device software better, faster, at a lower cost and more reliably. Wind River’s Workbench, General Purpose Platform and Market-Specific Platforms reduce effort, cost and risk, and optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process from concept to deployed product.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call Wind River at 1-800-872-4977.

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