Wind River’s First Linux-based Platform Targets the Telecommunications Market--Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition

  • Based on Linux 2.6 with Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 2.01 specifications
  • Linux and VxWorks messaging channels
  • Integrated platform minimizes cost, risk and time to market
  • Platform for Network Equipment, VxWorks Edition and Linux Edition address the full range of equipment manufacturers

Alameda, Calif.—November 1, 2004—Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in device software optimization (DSO), today announced the Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition. Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition is Wind River’s first Platform that includes a complete Linux reference file system with a rich set of networking middleware and applications. Based on the Linux 2.6 kernel with Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 2.01 features, Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition also includes Wind River Workbench 2.2. With Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition and Platform for Network Equipment, VxWorks Edition, telecommunication manufacturers can develop and run the complete range of network equipment applications from core and enterprise to access and edge devices.

Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition is particularly well suited for developing the control and management system software in wireless infrastructure systems, soft switches, media gateways, DSLAMSs, cable headends, multi-service switches, optical switches and core routers. Additionally, Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition, supports the Open Source Development Lab’s (OSDL) CGL 2.01 specifications and emerging standards such as Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA), the latest standards-based modular communications specification for telecommunications platforms. Wind River has completed porting to the Intel® NetStructure™ MPCBL001 Single Board Computer enabling telecommunication equipment manufacturers and system integrators to realize quicker time to market with highly scalable standards-based building blocks.

"The OSDL Carrier Grade Linux specification helps manufacturers develop Linux-based solutions with the high availability, redundancy, scalability and security required for today's carrier grade networking equipment," said Tim Witham, chief technology officer of the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL). "By being consistent with the CGL specification and addressing the cross-project, multiple OS development needs of today's networking manufacturers, Wind River is delivering on the promise of Linux and enabling manufacturers to optimize their Linux strategy."

"AdvancedTCA with Intel Architecture processors is the platform of choice for telecom equipment manufacturers looking to quickly deliver new services for next generation networks." said Anthony Ambrose, general manager, Modular Platform Programs in the Intel Communications Infrastructure Group. “The Wind River Platform for Networking Equipment, Linux Edition ported to the Intel AdvancedTCA single board computers enables more rapid deployment of new applications for telecom equipment manufacturers and systems integrators.”

Wind River Platform for Networking Equipment, Linux Edition:

  • Leverages the latest commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for network equipment and control planes

  • Supports advanced hardware standards such as ATCA

  • Supports TIPC, a highly standards-based inter-process communication mechanism that connects with Wind River Platform for Network Equipment and Wind River’s General Purpose Platform, VxWorks Edition

  • Provides access to a broad ecosystem of third-party runtime and tool vendors

  • Optimizes future development with a robust, tested and extendable Linux build environment

  • Mitigates risk by using a tested and validated Linux environment from a reliable vendor

  • Optimizes resources by capitalizing on Wind River Professional Services’ extensive device software capabilities

“Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition, helps companies realize the potential of Linux for networking devices,” said John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer for Wind River. “Customers are able to implement and deploy carrier grade telecommunications equipment based on Linux and a dual operating system strategy more easily, meet high-end product requirements and gain efficiencies by leveraging software across multiple projects and operating systems.”

Wind River will also host a series of developer conferences around the world, beginning November 9, 2004. The conferences will showcase Wind River’s core product lines--Workbench, General Purpose Platform and Market Specific Platforms--and provide developers with hands-on access to the technology. For more information and to register, please visit:

Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition will be available in Q1 CY05. To learn more about Wind River’s Platform NE, Linux Edition, please visit

Wind River is an Associate Member with the Intel® Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers.

Wind River is a member of OSDL and participates in the Lab's Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) Working Group to advance support for its customers in the telecom and networking markets.

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