Wind River Recognized as Global Embedded Leader


  • Wind River demonstrates continued leadership for its operating system platforms.
  • Company’s market share for traditional real-time operating system and embedded Linux was double that of the closest competitor.
  • Ability to provide a comprehensive portfolio solidifies Wind River’s position as an embedded market leader.

ALAMEDA, Calif. – May 17, 2012 – Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, today announced that it has been recognized as the continued real-time operating system (RTOS) and embedded Linux market leader by VDC Research Group in its 2012 “Embedded/Real-Time Operating Systems” report. The report covers the global market for commercially available RTOSes and non-real-time operating systems and other related bundled products and services used in embedded applications.

In the report, Wind River maintains its longstanding position as the traditional RTOS market leader for its portfolio of products and services, led by its VxWorks RTOS, and is recognized as the embedded Linux market leader for its Wind River Linux platform and related solutions for the fourth consecutive year. Specifically, VDC’s market research demonstrated that Wind River led the market for worldwide shipments of both RTOS and embedded Linux and related services in 2011:

  • For worldwide shipments of traditional RTOSes and related services, Wind River achieved nearly 40 percent of total market revenue.

  • For worldwide shipments of Linux and related services, the company attained more than 50 percent of total market revenue.

  • In both categories, Wind River’s percent of total market revenue was double that of the closest competitor.

“Once again, our research shows that Wind River is the embedded industry market-share leader for its traditional RTOS and Linux platforms,” said Jared Weiner, analyst at VDC Research Group. “As one of the few vendors that offer both RTOS and Linux, Wind River’s leadership can also be attributed to offering a wide range of products and services used to optimize device development across multiple industries and applications.”

In addition to continued recognition for its operating systems, Wind River was named multicore market leader and garnered the highest share of the market for commercially available virtualization technologies that enable multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single or multicore processor in VDC's 2011 “Embedded Software Engineering Market Technologies and Statistics” report series.

"Recognition as a perennial embedded industry leader underscores the compelling value of Wind River’s products and services that our customers rely on and is a reflection of our technology heritage and expertise that spans more than 30 years,” said Ken Klein, president, Wind River. “It is also a testament to Wind River’s commitment to customer success and ongoing investments to ensure that our products and services keep pace with both changing market conditions and diverse customer needs.”

Wind River has a unique advantage within the embedded industry with its comprehensive software portfolio, which comprises run-time technologies including VxWorks, Wind River Linux and Wind River Platform for Android, development tools, embedded testing solutions, and virtual systems development as well as a wide range of proven industry-specific software solutions, combined with global professional services and support.

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