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Ai. 5G. Cloud. The world is digitally transforming. Are you ready for the new intelligent edge?

Four drivers of digital transformation at the intelligent edge

Ready or Not, Digital Transformation Is Coming
An estimated 41 billion-plus connected devices will be in operation by 2025. With the edge managing over 80% of the data that will be generated, it's not a question of if you transform, but how.
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Ai Is Ready for Real Time
In a constantly changing world, agility is essential. The build-once-and-deploy model is giving way to constant digital adaptability through AI and machine learning in order to realize the value in the huge volume of data being generated.
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Data Is Not Just Big, It’s Huge
By 2025, all those connected devices will be generating some 80 zettabytes of data, most of which will be coming through the edge. To design for, collect, and manage all that data effectively, developers will need a new set of skills.
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Spiraling Complexity Demands a New Approach
As the world itself gets more complex, we need a new paradigm for design that shifts away from adding ever more complexity, and toward simplifying intelligently by abstracting from frameworks.
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Are you ready?

Much of the future may be volatile and uncertain, but successful organizations are leaning into digital transformation more than ever to help them handle it.

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