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How Will You Turn Increasing Network Traffic
into Your Advantage?

Today, there are several billion connected devices. This number is expected to triple or even quadruple over the next several years as connectivity rapidly expands beyond phones and tablets. The impact on the existing infrastructure will create profound challenges for equipment providers and network operators alike; the explosion of connected devices will generate so much traffic it has the potential to bring the network to its knees. As the demand for network usage increases, new services will be needed to deliver higher value, greater security, and better quality of experience.

Wind River® Intelligent Network Platform enables equipment providers to build high performance, high value products that accelerate, analyze, and secure network traffic and applications. The platform is an integrated and optimized software system consisting of the critical run-time components and life cycle development tools needed to build intelligent network elements. Experience the performance gains:

  • Up to 1,100% faster IP forwarding than native Linux
  • Up to 500% faster UDP or TCP termination than native Linux
  • Up to 28x reduced latency for deep packet inspection pattern matching


Wind River Intelligent
Network Platform Overview

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Software Is Defining and Transforming the Network



Wind River Intelligent Network Platform is architected to give our customers maximum scalability and flexibility to build faster, smarter, and more secure products. The platform integrates the key software components to design high-performance, intelligent network applications in a consolidated management and data plane system. Customers can utilize the entire platform or, in some cases, interchange and extend individual components with existing in-house technologies. The platform offers the following:



As advanced multi-core technologies proliferate throughout the network, true performance capabilities can only be unlocked by optimizing intelligent software for the latest hardware platforms. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform takes full advantage of the leading multi-core processors, including Intel®'s communications platform. Performance gains include the following:

  • Significant improvements for IP forwarding, UDP, and TCP
  • Reduced pattern-matching latency
  • Substantially reduced data plane network application latency

These benchmarks compare the throughput performance of native Linux vs. Wind River Application Acceleration Engine for layer 3 forwarding (left) and layer 4 UDP termination (right). Both setups use 2x10G Ethernet ports and four hyperthreads on four separate cores on a Sandy Bridge–based platform.

Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence

Software is at the forefront of defining the next-generation network. Not only can it significantly improve network performance but it can also provide the built-in intelligence necessary to deliver new services, greater security, and even more value than ever before. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform provides the following:

  • Deep packet inspection for pattern-matching use cases such as intrusion prevention
  • Smart acceleration of security protocols for use in secure clouds and VPNs
  • Deep packet inspection for application awareness use cases such as policy control and charging and media gateways
  • Cost savings through system consolidation

Less Time, Energy,
and Cost

Less Time, Energy, and Cost

Wind River has done the heavy lifting for you. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform includes all the components necessary to build an ultra-fast, highly intelligent network product—and all the software necessary to consolidate management plane and data plane applications into one system, saving capital expenditures. The platform can save development teams several years of engineering effort to build, test, and engineer a similar solution with the following features:

  • Comprehensive management plane and data plane software system, including Linux, Intel® DPDK, layer 3 and 4 accelerated network protocols, and pattern matching libraries, with extensibility for other DPI engines
  • Performance-optimized network acceleration functionality pre-integrated with Intel communications platform
  • Consolidation of multiple network applications into one system


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Accelerated Deep Packet Inspection for Network Security Applications

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Wind River Intelligent
Network Platform Overview

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