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TMC Technologies

TMC2 Technologies specializes in the development of modeling, simulation, and middleware software for complex systems, such as NASA spacecraft and launch vehicles. TMC2 Technologies' core work is in developing simulators for verification and validation (Vand V) activities and utilizing its novel middleware that allows for easily building virtual MIL-STD-1553 and Spacewire software components.

TMC2 Technologies has developed extensions for Wind River's Simics virtualization platform.

These web-based extensions are utilized for end-users of TMC's simulation systems to assist with visualizing and analyzing MIL-STD-1553 data and for analyzing the target computer's memory contents. These extensions are generic and applicable to any project utilizing the Simics platform.

  • TMC2 Technologies has years of experience modeling complex systems using Wind River Simics.
  • Because of its experience, TMC2 Technologies has developed an extensive Simics training package that focuses on modeling and lessons learned. Please contact TMC for more information.
  • TMC's Simics extensions are designed for the end-user and assist with engineering analysis activities.

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TMC Technologies
2051 Winners Dr., Fairmont, WV, United States, 26554
(304) 816-3600

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Aerospace & Defense

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