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Rapita Systems Ltd

Rapita Systems develops on-target embedded verification software solutions for customers in the avionics and automotive electronics industries. Our tools help to reduce the cost of measuring, optimizing, and verifying the timing, performance, and test effectiveness of their critical real-time embedded systems.

The Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) reduces the effort needed to verify critical embedded software for functional behavior (requirements-based testing), structural coverage, and timing behavior. By integrating directly with the native development environment and providing an automated framework for source code instrumentation and verification data collection, it improves the efficiency of software verification.

RapiCover - Rapita Systems' structural coverage analysis tool, offering the lowest overhead code coverage on the market, meaning that DO-178B/C coverage requirements can be met with fewer rig tests. RapiCover provides support for multi-core systems, enabling per-core coverage reports.

RapiTime - The only measurement-based worst-case execution time analysis tool. This allows determination of WCET and enables highly efficient, low-risk optimization projects.

RapiTest - Cut time from your test project with RapiTest. Its powerful test formats reduce the time it takes to write test cases.

RapiTask - Visualize RTOS scheduling and event tracing for complex embedded systems. It supports detailed investigation of timing issues via an interface to RapiTime.

Multicore Timing Solution - Our unique solution for multi-core timing analysis produces execution time evidence for multi-core systems. By following a V-model process, our engineers investigate multi-core systems and produce evidence about multi-core timing behavior. Our industry-leading tooling, including our unique RapiDaemon technology (which generates interference during tests), reduces analysis effort through automation. Our approach has been designed to support projects within the CAST-32A and ISO 26262 context.

Please reach out for any inquiries at our (UK) +44 1904 413945 or (US) +1 248-957-9801 office lines, or at enquiries@rapitasystems.com.

DO-178B/C Software verification on target with RVS and Wind River Simics

The Rapita tools can be extended with a Wind River Simics - specific plug-in that allows code coverage and timing analysis without use of a target agent. Rapita Systems' RVS provides avionics developers with DO-178B/C - qualifiable tools for verifying key properties on target. Supporting Wind River Diab Compiler and VxWorks 7/VxWorks 653, RVS can significantly reduce your VxWorks-based project verification effort.

  • Rapita's unique Multicore Timing Solution can be used in conjunction with VxWorks 653 to verify the effectiveness of RTOS partitioning techniques in multi-core systems.

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