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Softing Industrial Automation GmbH

Softing Industrial Automation is a world leading provider of industrial communication products and technologies for manufacturing and process automation.
Softing offers the OPC UA Connectivity Toolkits for VxWorks. The Wind River close partnership with Softing and Emerson brings an outstanding plug-and-play embedded development experience to customers.
The Wind River Embedded Development Kit contains the Softing OPC UA development tools and libraries integrated on a USB flash drive. In combination with development boards from Emerson, the development kit immediately turns any host computer into a ready to use integrated development environment (IDE) for VxWorks.
With the OPC UA starter kit, the customer will be able to save several months of development time and reduce the time to market for their products. Softing is a successful, independent, and global provider of hardware and software for industrial automation.
Cultivating the relationship with our customers is an ongoing process. It can be seen in our attention to and understanding of the desires of our customers, which allows us to develop high-quality technological solutions in close cooperation with them.
In industrial automation, Softing is a specialist for field bus technology and has established itself as a competent partner for networking automation systems and control solutions.

Softing's OPC UA C++ Development Toolkits for VxWorks

Based on a platform independent architecture, Softing's OPC UA C++ Server and Client Development Toolkit for VxWorks enables fast integration of OPC UA connectivity capabilities in VxWorks-based automation applications. The toolkit consists of a comprehensive set of libraries featuring a simple and well documented programming interface. Relevant example applications as well as test and simulation tools allow a short time-to-market of OPC UA enabled Servers and Clients.
The Toolkit's trial version is available as well on the Wind River Marketplace so that users can easily download, evaluate, integrate, and embed OPC UA functionality in their systems and devices. The trial version contains fully functionally featured libraries for the reference platforms, documentation, example, and tutorial applications for a lean learning curve, test tools. The only functional limitation is 90 runtime of the application integration the toolkit (runtime time limitation is reset on application's restart).
The user's main benefit from Softing - Wind River partnership is that he can find and evaluate the complete solution in one place, and is ensured that the solutions are always compatible and up to date. This saves customers time and costs in getting started and reduces the technology integration learning curve.

  • Easy to use integration interface - faster time-to-market and time-to-revenue
  • Proven performance from market leader
  • Complete solution for all customer requirements
  • Reduced total technology cost of ownership (development, maintenance)

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Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
Richard-Reitzner-Allee 6, Haar, Germany, 85540

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