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Greenwave Systems

Greenwave Systems is a global Internet of Things (IoT) software and managed services company dedicated to empowering market-leading brands to profitably deploy their own managed services and products, foster deeper customer relationships and grow their businesses. Mobile carriers, telecommunications operators, semiconductor manufacturers, utilities and all manner of service providers use Greenwave's AXON Platform® to safely integrate data and communications from a variety of existing and emerging digital protocols and swiftly create vanguard IoT and M2M services via managed networks.

Greenwave Systems' Real-time Advanced Visual Edge Analytics Integrated with Wind River's VxWorks Real-Time Operation Systems

With AXON PredictTM Analytics for VxWorks, a VxWorks developer can now manage critical data at the edge of a network with visual edge analytics software and sophisticated data management, allowing autonomous responses on the device in real time without latency. AXON Predict is designed to analyze real-time, high-volume streaming data while enabling devices to drive process efficiencies and provide data insight. AXON Predict processes data without the need for cloud connectivity and notifies VxWorks applications of detected events so that alerts and autonomous actions can then be prompted.

The Predictive Maintenance solutions by Greenwave Systems and Wind River provides the capability to take action at the IoT edge, the combined solution helps businesses achieve real-time analysis and tighter, more efficient process controls, while reducing data transmission and storage costs. The solution is designed specifically for the IoT to address these complex scenarios.

  • Real-time actions driven by advanced edge analytics
  • Elimination of the data transmission bottleneck
  • Game-changing predictive maintenance solutions for the manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, and healthcare industries

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Greenwave Systems
200 Spectrum Center Drive, 15th Floor, Irvine, CA, United States, 92618
(714) 486-5484

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Aerospace & Defense

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