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azeti GmbH

azeti is a global provider of IoT technology to a variety of verticals including telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance and healthcare. azeti's remote asset management software helps businesses manage and monitor their complex infrastructures, enabling them to operate at the highest level of efficiency while maintaining operations continuity. Founded in 2006, azeti is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with subsidiaries in North America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. azeti IoT software is installed at more than 1,000 installations in 35 countries.

azeti provides highly secure and reliable asset management based on Wind River Linux

azeti provides remote asset management software for industrial assets, which runs on top of Wind River Linux powered gateways. The combination of azeti and Wind River allows operators of industrial infrastructures in telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities, O&G, and facility management to monitor and control industrial assets in a highly secure and reliable manner.

  • Remote monitoring and management of any kind of asset (HVAC, generator, rectifier, batteries, access/surveillance systems, etc.)
  • Intelligence at the edge for local analytics of collected sensor/asset data as well as automated local actions
  • Enterprise grade security and maintenance through Wind River Linux to help protect industrial assets and operations

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azeti GmbH
Invalidenstr. 112, Berlin, Germany, 10115

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux