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Clavister AB

Clavister is a network security vendor delivering a full range of network security solutions for both physical and virtualized environments. Our mobile and network security solutions are used by a wide range of organizations throughout the world, including large enterprises, cloud service providers, and telecom operators. Our product portfolio demonstrates world-class performance, flexibility, and robustness. Founded in 1997, Clavister has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions and leading edge security design.

Clavister enables service providers to cost-efficiently secure their SDN/NFV infrastructures through high-performance virtualized offerings and rich automation support.

Clavister, a specialist in network security and emerging SDN/NFV solutions, provides a virtual solution through its cOS stream and cOS Core operating platforms. This complements and extends the performance of the Wind River technology and virtualized offering.

  • Central management system designed for large-scale deployment, able to manage tens of thousands of virtualized gateways distributed across multiple data centers dispersed around the world, providing rich automation interfaces
  • World-leading 40 Gbps IPSec performance, the fastest pure software, fully virtualized solution for the market, using relatively low-spec, off-the-shelf servers with Intel CPUs
  • One of the few solutions built specifically for telecom operators and their needs, not an SMB appliance that's been adapted for a new market
  • 100% virtualized: no need for any special hardware appliance or equipment, no admin-heavy deployment; deployment into fully secure cloud-based infrastructure allows a full NFV environment

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Clavister AB
Sjogatan 6 J, Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, 891 60
+46 660 29 92 00

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