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Phoenix Contact Software GmbH

Phoenix Contact Software provides cutting-edge, perfectly matched automation software for industrial controls and functional safety according to IEC 61131 resp. IEC 61508, and PROFINET, the industrial Ethernet solution. With technologies, products, and tailor-made solutions from Phoenix Contact Software you develop and program logic controls (PLC) fast, easily, and efficiently - both for embedded and PC-based devices. The company was founded as KW-Software GmbH in 1982, and has been part of the Phoenix Contact Group since 2001.

Phoenix Contact Software delivers Profinet Industrial Ethernet solutions for a broad range of Wind River VxWorks and Linux platforms.

Wind River and Phoenix Contact Software have a longstanding strategic relationship and have collaborated on industrial control software solutions based on the most acknowledged and accepted industry standards. The most recent collaborations focus on the newest hardware designs like multicore with Cortex A or x86. This is a very compelling offering for the industrial automation market for the reasons highlighted below: Maximize system performance, Minimize complexity with a software-based solution, Reduce operational and capital expenditures.

  • Eliminate the need for custom ASICs
  • Minimize complexity with a software-based solution
  • Reduce operational and capital expenditures

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Phoenix Contact Software GmbH
Campusallee 6, Lemgo, Germany, 32657
+49 5261 9373 0

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Wind River Linux