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United Electronic Industries Inc

UEI is a leader in the PC/Ethernet data acquisition and control, Data Logger/Recorder and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and Modbus TCP markets. Our revolutionary flexible chassis architecture provides a compact, rugged platform, ideal for applications in the military, aerospace, automotive, petroleum/refining, simulation, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, HVAC, and power generation fields - and more. Our hardware is uniquely flexible, capable of being deployed as an Ethernet I/O slave, a standalone data logger, a standalone VxWorks based embedded controller or a Modbus Slave.

Our hardware also offers incredible I/O flexibility, accommodating up to 12 I/O boards from a selection of over 60. This allows you to precisely match the I/O configuration to your application. With I/O interfaces for analog I/O, digital I/O, full avionics (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, -708/453, -664, AFDXTM) quadrature encoder, CAN-bus, synchro/resolvers, LVDT/RVDTs, serial I/O and more, we are sure to have the interface you need.

UEI's I/O and VxWorks create a modern, powerful real-time DAQ and Control system.

Whether replacing a legacy VME system or designing a new one, your fully COTS UEI system is smaller, more rugged and less expensive than VME or other I/O technologies. Run your VxWorks on your host PC or run standalone on UEI's Cube, RACKtangle, or Military grade chassis. With over 60 I/O boards UEI's sure to have the I/O you need and our 10-year availability guarantee ensures long term support while preserving your investment in VxWorks technology.

  • Over 60 different COTS I/O boards ensures we have the I/O solution you need
  • Over 20 different chassis support VxWorks on your host, or standalone on UEI's chassis
  • 10-year availability guarantee, 2 year hardware warranty, 100 % tested!
  • A wide array of product, educational and application videos at http://www.ueidaq.com/videos

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United Electronic Industries Inc
27 Renmar Avenue, Walpole, MA, United States, 02081

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Aerospace & Defense

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