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ARCCORE is a leading provider of state-of-art products and services for the embedded systems market. Based on a solid expert knowledge in real-time platforms, the company develops and markets products for the software industry enabling customers to develop innovative solutions in a faster and more cost-efficient way.

It provides superior solutions for embedded systems development to the automotive and other markets. Its vision is to be one of the leading suppliers of integrated, high quality, and efficient software products preferably based on renowned industry standards.

Combined technology enables safe and efficient development of innovative solutions for the automotive market

ARCCORE state-of-art AUTOSAR-based embedded products and development tools chain and Wind River compiler products suite create an efficient solution for embedded developers in the automotive market to develop advanced software solutions for complex applications in a safety critical context. The integration of ARCCORE and Wind River products provides support for standards like AUTOSAR and ISO26262.

  • Enable efficient development of complex embedded software solutions to the Automotive market
  • Integrated development environment using state-of-art products
  • Provide support for standards like AUTOSAR and ISO26262

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Molndalsvagen 22, Goteborg, Sweden, SE-412 6
+46 (0)31-301 28 30

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