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Kongsberg Geospatial Ltd.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Kongsberg Geospatial (http://www.kongsberggeospatial.com) creates precision real-time software for mapping, geospatial visualization, and situational awareness.

The company's products are primarily deployed in mission-critical applications such as air-traffic control, command and control, and air defense. Kongsberg Geospatial is also a leading innovator in developing new technologies for beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) UAV systems and augmented reality applications.

Over nearly three decades of providing dependable performance under extreme conditions, Kongsberg Geospatial has become the leading geospatial technology provider for mission-critical applications where lives are on the line. Kongsberg Geospatial is a subsidiary of Kongsberg Defence Systems.

Derive maximum real-time performance for high-performance mission-critical defense and aerospace applications with VxWorks and TerraLens.

Kongsberg Geospatial's TerraLens software is fielded in some of the most high-profile command and control systems in the world. Our primary customers are defense and aerospace prime contractors and system integrators who embed our technology into their end solutions. Kongsberg Geospatial's real-time, high-performance geospatial data visualization capability, aligned with VxWorks real-time OS, will allow our customers to derive maximum real-time performance for high-performance mission- critical defense and aerospace applications.

  • Adds high-performance geospatial capabilities to your real-time applications
  • COTS technology to help fulfill real-time operational requirements
  • SDK supporting multi-language (C++/C#/Java) and multi-platform configurations

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Kongsberg Geospatial Ltd.
411 Legget Drive, Suite 400, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2K 3C9

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Aerospace & Defense

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