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IBM Rational® software—a marketplace-leading platform for software lifecycle management—is teaming with Wind River to help companies address the challenges of delivering innovative, high-quality products that effectively leverage the capability of the latest processor technology.

IBM Rational software provides system engineering and requirements management products and services to help clients define and manage the entire product, not just the software. The Rational Software Delivery Platform provides tools and services to help clients manage the entire software development lifecycle, from system models and requirements, through development, testing and deployment.

The Rational Software Delivery Platform compliments the Wind River development and test tools, and supports development for both VxWorks and Wind River Linux.

Wind River and IBM together enable end-to-end IoT solutions and integrated software lifecycle management

IBM partners with Wind River in its legacy embedded business, where their Rational lifecycle management software is enabled for use in VxWorks and Wind River Linux based development.

In January 2016, Wind River announced it is collaborating with IBM to advance IoT deployments for industrial customers with new "edge-to-cloud" recipes designed to simplify and accelerate the development of smart connected devices.

The new recipes guide customers on how to integrate services from IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform with products from the Wind River Helix portfolio. Industrial customers using the recipes will now be able to connect industrial devices running Wind River software to the IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform and access IBM Bluemix cloud services and analytics, allowing IoT developers to more quickly and easily develop smart connected devices.

  • Powerful Analytics capable of seamless integration with Wind River VxWorks
  • Using Wind River and IBM, customers can quickly create end-to-end IoT solutions at scale
  • IBM software lifecycle management tools tightly integrate with Wind River VxWorks and Wind River Linux

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New Orchard Road, Armonk, NY, United States, 10504

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Cloud Service Provider

Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux
Wind River Helix Drive
Wind River Helix Cockpit
VxWorks 653
Wind River Helix CarSync