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Objective Interface Systems, Inc.

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) is the leading global provider of middleware solutions for inter-process communication for disparate systems. OIS offers ultra-low latency, real-time connectivity software development tools for use in complex and demanding environments, such as aerospace, defense, automotive, telecommunications, financial, medical, robotics, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. The ORBexpress product family is the most widely deployed communications framework for distributed and heterogeneous systems where failure is not an option.

ORBexpress is a high performance, secure real-time implementation of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard. The ORBexpress product provides a common communication platform that is available on a variety of processors, operating systems, compilers, and in C++, Ada, Java and VHDL for FPGA implementations.

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. Provides ORBexpress RT Communications Middleware for Use with Wind River VxWorks and Wind River Linux.

Objective Interface Systems provides ORBexpress RT, the world's only security-certified communications middleware, to work seamlessly with Wind River VxWorks and Wind River Linux. ORBexpress RT was developed to be fast, lean, reliable, and predictable. Combined with the Wind River platforms, ORBexpress RT offers hard real-time capabilities and is used in mission-critical systems throughout the world.
Visit www.ois.com to learn more about how ORBexpress RT can work seamlessly with VxWorks and Wind River Linux to deliver high performance, small footprint applications that enables you to cut your development time by up to 90% as you enhance your product over time.

  • Real-time - ORBexpress RT internals were designed for maximum performance and deterministic behavior. ORBexpress RT provides a development environment for building reliable distributed systems that are predictable from end to end.
  • Fast and Small - Independently recognized as having the smallest and fastest ORB on the market, ORBexpress RT can be used in embedded environments like network routers, switches, cell phones and PDAs.
  • Scalable - ORBexpress RT is scalable and is used with very large systems with hundreds or even thousands of IDL interfaces, each of which may have tens of thousands of instances, and still experience fast implementation resolution.

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Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
220 Spring St, Herndon, VA, United States, 20170-6200
(703) 295-6500

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