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TEWS Technologies GmbH

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES is a privately held company with more than 40 years of experience designing and building turnkey, embedded interface solutions.

The company provides OEM and large government customers with an industry leading range and depth of internal expertise, including complete engineering and manufacturing services as well as software support for leading real-time operating systems. Based near Hamburg, Germany, TEWS operates three subsidiaries to meet global requirements for reduced development time, long-term product availability, post-sales support, and complete product lifecycle management.

Simplified interfaces between hardware and software

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES offers VxBus and legacy driver support that simplifies the interface between TEWS TECHNOLOGIES I/O boards and the VxWorks I/O system. An application programming interface (API) library on top of the driver subsystem, together with an example application written in C, allows quick integration of the functionality of TEWS complex hardware products (AMC, XMC, PMC, PCI, VME, cPCI, IndustryPack?) with the user application.

  • Support is available for Wind River VxWorks 5.5, 6.x, and 7.
  • Support is available for legacy and VxBus (first and second generations) driver interface.
  • VxWorks driver, API, and example application are supplied in C source code.
  • VxWorks driver support is available for all TEWS TECHNOLOGIES products.
  • TEWS TECHNOLOGIES provide excellent technical support for all hardware and software products to help you to integrate the products.

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TEWS Technologies GmbH
Am Bahnhof 7, Halstenbek, Germany, 25469

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