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Enclustra GmbH

Enclustra is a dynamic, innovative, and successful FPGA design service company located in Zurich, Switzerland.
With the FPGA Design Center, Enclustra provides services covering the whole range of FPGA-based system development, from high-speed hardware or HDL firmware to embedded software, from specification and implementation to prototype production.
In the FPGA Solution Center, Enclustra develops and markets highly integrated FPGA and SoC modules as well as FPGA-optimized IP cores.
By specializing in forward-looking FPGA technology, and with broad application knowledge, Enclustra can offer ideal solutions at minimal expense in many areas.

Enclustra FPGA and SoC modules can cut development time by half and lower total cost of ownership at the same time. Get a competitive advantage by focusing on your core competencies and get your product to market faster.

All Enclustra FPGA and SoC modules have a planned availability of 10 years and are available in industrial temperature range. Enclustra offers broad design-in support as well as base boards to start development immediately.
Detailed documentation and reference designs, as well as the user manual, user schematics, a 3D-model, PCB footprints, and differential I/O length tables, make it easy to get started.
Thanks to the family concept with compatible connectors, different types and generations of modules can be used on the same base board.

  • Highly integrated FPGA and SoC modules with BSP provide fast time-to-market.
  • Enclustra design services can reduce development time further.
  • The tested and industry-proven modular approach reduces development risks.
  • Get a competitive advantage by focusing on your core competencies.

Company Info

Enclustra GmbH
Raffelstrasse 28, Zurich, Switzerland, CH-8045
+41 43 343 39 43

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Aerospace & Defense

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