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Bayshore Networks, Inc.

The Company's award-winning, patented Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ software unlocks the power of the Industrial Internet by enabling industrial applications and data. It provides Fortune 1000s with unprecedented visibility into their Operational Technologies, safely and securely protecting industrial applications, networks, machines and workers.

The Bayshore Gateway software is distinguished by granular inspection and filtering of network flows, policy building and enforcement, and its ability to detect, parse and segment industrial protocols. Leveraging these capabilities, Bayshore delivers ROI in areas such as M2M cybersecurity and safety, operational continuity, and process efficiency and compliance.

The software platform deploys from the cloud, as a virtual machine, or on-prem as a hardware appliance. Bayshore has strategic alliances with leading technology companies including AT&T, Cisco Systems, BAE Systems, and VMware. https://bayshorenetworks.com.

Bayshore Advantages

The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway provides IT departments with unprecedented visibility into OT operations, and provides OT departments with access to IT applications such as advanced analytics. When it comes to OT security and safety, the Gateway has proven to provide significant advantages over IT firewalls:

Bayshore is policy-based rather than configuration based. Bayshore's predicate-based policy language is based on XML, so it can quickly adapt to proprietary protocols and new protocols.
Bayshore enforces policy based on content awareness rather than meta data. It provides granular inspection and filtration of content all the way down to machine transaction and data value levels, much deeper than any firewall.
Off the shelf, Bayshore includes years of domain intelligence on the leading industrial protocols and applications - Modbus TCP, DNP3, and EtherNet/IP, to name just a few.

Company Info

Bayshore Networks, Inc.
4505 Emperor Boulevard, Suite 910, Durham, NC, United States, 27703
(212) 797-1529

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