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Athonet S.R.L.

Athonet provides a complete 100% software-based mobile core for voice and data networks that runs in cloud or virtualised or enterprise data centre environments using standard off-the-shelf hardware.

Our platform allows wireless operators and end-users to break free from the restrictive, expensive, proprietary hardware centric architecture of legacy solutions and embrace the true potential of mobile networks - capturing new sources of revenue whilst also massively reducing capex and opex.

Besides the immediate benefits to existing network operators and users, our platform also provides a highly efficient solution to bridge the digital divide - turning the last 4 billion unconnected people to mobile networks into The Next 4 Billion.

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Athonet S.R.L.
AREA Science Park, Padriciano, 99, Trieste, Italy, 34149
+39 0444 750045

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