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Empress Software Inc

Empress Software is home of Empress Embedded Database, the most reliable, flexible, powerful embedded database for applications on UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Real-Time systems. The ultra fast, small footprint database engine is maintenance free, ideal for embedded systems and IoT devices.

Empress Embedded Database powers efficient data management for IoT - Any data. Any device. Any place.

With 30+ years of field-tested proven product reliability, Empress Embedded Database is the most cost-effective, intelligent solution to the challenges of growing data for IoT embedded systems.

  • Full featured, high-speed database engine deals with increasingly evolving and complex application demands including security, analytics, and dynamic development.
  • Scales easily. From sensors, to devices, to systems, to the cloud, Empress scales where and when you need it to.
  • Multi-platform support for Linux, Windows, and real-time operating systems including availability for Wind River Platforms with multiple BSPs (board support packages) to support target hardware.

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Empress Software Inc
11785 Beltsville Drive, Beltsville, MD, United States, 20705

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux