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Intempora S.A.

Intempora S.A has a 15-year history and expertise in providing advanced solutions for real-time multisensor applications, which play an essential role in robotics, advanced driver assistance systems, and autonomous vehicles.

RTMaps, a powerful and modular development environment, allows your team to focus on advanced algorithms and managing multiple high-bandwidth data streams from various sensors (cameras, LiDARs, radars, CAN bus, GPS, Eye Tracker, Biometrics, HD Maps, etc.). It addresses multiple applications such as perception, data-fusion, decision making, driver monitoring, advanced HMIs, and data recording.

In 2016 Intempora signed a strategic partnership with dSPACE GmbH for worldwide distribution and proposing a complete toolchain for ADAS and automated driving.

RTMaps and VxWorks together allow customers such as car manufacturers to enhance the efficiency of their autonomous vehicle applications so they can easily reduce costs and development cycles.

With VXWorks and RTMaps, engineers are able to increase the safety of their multisensor applications, address production-grade software deployment, and set up deterministic embedded applications such as high-performance data recorders, perception or control applications, or HIL systems.

  • Isolation of resources, improving safety and enabling you to supervise your real-time software tasks and develop fault-tolerant systems
  • Reduced costs and development cycles, with better control for your autonomous vehicle applications
  • Enhancement of real-time efficiency by reducing latency and freeing up CPU performance
  • Deterministic and time-accurate execution of RTMaps software component tasks, allowing you to manage and define priorities
  • Access to sensor data streams and device drivers (such as cameras, laser scanners, radars, CAN bus, GPS, communication, etc.) and modular, component-based development for processing and data-fusion applications with an intuitive graphical interface

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Intempora S.A.
19, rue Diderot, Issy les Moulineaux, France, NN 92130
+33 1 41 90 03 59

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Aerospace & Defense

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