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AppDirect is the leader in cloud commerce, making software and services easily accessible to enterprise and consumers globally. The AppDirect Monetization Suite unites developers, automakers, tier 1 suppliers, and their customers under a single ecosystem, enabling the buying, selling, delivering, and managing of apps and services for drivers, their vehicles, and other connected devices. The production-proven platform is built on a globally scaled cloud infrastructure and allows OEMs to monetize their connected car experiences through recurring service revenues, IoT ecosystem connections, accelerating time-to-market, and providing unmatched flexibility for defining new offerings. AppDirect is headquartered in San Francisco with 13 global offices.

Enabling remote upgrades and commerce for connected vehicles

AppDirect and Wind River are enabling automakers to deploy application and feature upgrades efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively while unlocking new revenue streams and business models. Leveraging AppDirect's connected vehicle cloud commerce application, drivers can access their personal vehicle profile to purchase new or upgrade existing applications and services anytime, anywhere. Paired with the Wind River OTA management platform CarSync, automakers can maintain the integrity of embedded systems for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Benefits for Automakers

  • Save millions of dollars in software-related vehicle recall repair and warranty costs.
  • Develop ongoing relationships with drivers by allowing them to easily purchase and upgrade new services or existing applications via their IVI, mobile devices, and desktops anytime, anywhere.
  • Proactively deliver vehicle performance improvements, feature enhancements, and security patches both pre- and post-purchase of the vehicle.

Benefits for Drivers

  • Use the mobile cloud commerce app to not only browse for and purchase new apps and services, but also save data charges by choosing the optimal time to download and install the app on your vehicle.
  • Receive updates to apps and services conveniently and securely over the air, providing the most up-to-date driving experience.
  • Save time and avoid the hassle of taking the vehicle to the dealer for software-related servicing.

Company Info

1331 Macleod Trail, SE, Suite 500, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2G 0K3
+1 403-260-8690

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