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YumaWorks, Inc.

YumaWorks is a fast-growing SDN start-up developing network management and control plane automation tools, used by the world's leading networking companies.

YumaPro SDK is a multi-protocol distributed server tool kit comprised of YANG data-driven tools to automate configuration and network management interfaces. The high-performance server provides NETCONF, RESTCONF, Call Home, SNMP, and CLI protocols derived from the same YANG data models to create a consistent and protocol-independent programmatic API. YumaPro SDK tools automate the development of YANG instrumentation, reducing product development costs and time-to-market.

YumaWorks provides YumaPro SDK to build powerful, standards-compliant network management servers for VxWorks operating system.

YumaWorks' YumaPro SDK (Software Development Kit) builds powerful network management servers to configure and monitor Wind River VxWorks systems. The SDK produces modular servers for devices that scale from Internet backbone down to IoT (Internet of Things) size, with standards-compliant NETCONF and RESTCONF protocols. The SDK tools automate the creation of YANG module instrumentation, reducing development time and cost.

  • Provides VxWorks with the highest-performance NETCONF server available - 100,000s configuration edits per second
  • Creates consistent and standards-compliant NETCONF and RESTCONF protocol access to YANG data models of device/service configuration and runtime data
  • Provides tools that automate YANG module development so that developers do not have to be experts in the protocols or transaction engine - just in their product instrumentation

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YumaWorks, Inc.
685 Cochran St. #160, Simi Valley, CA, United States, 93065
+1(805) 297-8277, ext 215

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