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Lanner Electronics Inc

Lanner Electronics Inc. (TAIEX 6245) is a world-leading provider of design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced and customizable SDN and NFV network computing appliances for system integrators, service providers, and application developers.

Lanner has performed its testing and validation process as part of the Wind River Titanium Cloud ecosystem program dedicated to accelerating the deployment of solutions for NFV. Through the collaboration of Wind River Titanium Server and Lanner NFVI-ready HTCA appliances, Lanner ensures the availability of interoperable standard products optimized for NFV deployment to help accelerate time-to-market for service providers and TEMs.

Lanner HTCA appliances integrate the best-in-class Intel? Xeon? E5-2600v3/v4 computing power and high-speed switching capabilities in a single appliance, while maintaining efficiency and flexibility in service control and network management, making it perfect for meeting the increased demand in an NFV environment.

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Lanner Electronics Inc
7F, 173 Datong Road Section 2,Xizhi District,, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 22184

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