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Visible Assets

Visible Assets, Inc. a U.S.-based technology company, provides fully integrated Auto Identity Technology (AIT) wireless asset visibility and security solutions for sensitive defense items based on RuBee (IEEE 1902.1). RuBee, an active magnetic transceiver technology, does not produce any significant Radio Frequency (RF) fields. As a result, RuBee wireless AIT solutions have some unique advantages over RF based AIT solutions:

1. RuBee works with 100% read accuracy on steel, through steel, humans, dirt, snow, and liquids.
2. RuBee produces no compromising emanations, no eavesdropping, tempest, or target risk.
3. RuBee wireless systems have "spatial certainty;" the range can be controlled from a few inches to 50 feet, with no nulls or multipath spatial skips.
4. RuBee tags are field proven with a 5-25 year battery life.
5. RuBee Tags are sealed, with optional vibration, shock, temperature, or humidity sensors. Most
RuBee tags meet MIL-STD 810F, IP69K, ATEX Zone 1 or 0, ANSI 501 Class 1 Div. 1, IEC 60079 Zone 0.
6. RuBee wireless tags and readers have a zero safe separation distance on fused ordnance (HERO ZERO).
7. RuBee tags and readers have a zero safe separation distance on all explosives (HERF ZERO).
8. RuBee tags and readers are safe on nuclear warheads.

Visible Assets provides secure wireless device visibility, device authentication, and cyber authentication using VxWorks and Wind River Linux, in 4.0 factories to All Up Round Stores

Visible Assets provides fully integrated security and visibility AIT solutions for explosive stores, armories, and the 4.0 defense or aerospace factory floor using RuBee hardware, ATEX Safe Antennas, Tags, and the RuBee IO (www.rubee.io) application platform.
RuBee systems and applications may be used standalone or can be integrated into end-users' existing large-scale enterprise systems, including Wind River Linux and VxWorks, via a variety of standard protocols (JSON, XML, OPC).
RuBee Defense Logistics provides seamless security, and automated IoT audit trails (without human assistance at both pallet and item level), from OEM sensitive item suppliers, to the factory warehouse, to the plant floor, to All Up Round (AUR) Stores, and finally end use monitoring at forward location and theater bunkers.

  • RuBee Defense Logistics enhances security and proves AUR integrity throughout the supply chain
  • The RuBee IO platform and applications have been in use at over 1,200 industrial and defense sites worldwide with over 20 million hours of 100% accurate reads for over five years
  • RuBee systems are installed at many U.S., Australian, and Mid-East defense customer sites

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Visible Assets
195 Bunker Hill Ave., Startham, NH, United States, 03885

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Aerospace & Defense

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