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Rogue Wave Software, Inc.

Klocwork helps developers create more secure and reliable software. Our tools analyze source code on-the-fly, simplify peer code reviews, and extend the life of complex software. Over 1,100 customers, including the biggest brands in the mobile device, consumer electronics, medical technologies, telecom, automotive, military, and aerospace sectors, have made Klocwork part of their software development process.

Klocwork is owned by Rogue Wave Software. Rogue Wave provides software development tools for mission-critical applications. Our trusted solutions address the growing complexity of building great software and accelerates the value gained from code across the enterprise. Rogue Wave's portfolio of complementary, cross-platform tools helps developers quickly build applications for strategic software initiatives. With Rogue Wave, customers improve software quality and ensure code integrity, while shortening development cycle times.

Klocwork Static Code Analysis is integrated with VxWorks

Rogue Wave Software is proud to be a member of the Wind River partner ecosystem. Klocwork Static Code Analysis integrates with the Wind River integrated development environment and tools to quickly and easily find quality and security issues in your mission-critical software projects. Use the Klocwork plugin in the Wind River environment to discover and work with defects in your code, with Klocwork's unique on-the-fly desktop analysis. Connect your project to the Klocwork integration server to share defects with your team and reduce the hidden costs of software development.

  • Static Code Analysis on-the-fly, to identify issues at the earliest possible point
  • Continuous integration to maximize scalability and performance for multiple concurrent analysis at a time
  • Enforce application security to prevent malicious attacks
  • Code refactoring to clean up code structure and reduce future costs
  • Reporting and metrics to understand and prioritize issues across the entire team

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Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
1315 W. Century Drive, Suite 150, Louisville, CO, United States, 80027

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Aerospace & Defense

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