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As a recognized leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS develops innovative software and services for the automotive, home entertainment, mobile phone, and connected objects industries. The sound experts at ARKAMYS are renowned for their work in 3-D audio, voice processing, and sound rendering. These same experts create cutting-edge solutions that optimize the speech intelligibility and audio quality of consumer electronics products. ARKAMYS consistently delivers exciting new audio technologies across the globe, expanding its reputation over the past 15 years to create a strong presence in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, and China.

ARKAMYS experts have developed a modular, scalable, and embedded software solution to improve in-vehicle audio quality and enhance user experience for all types of head unit systems, from entry-level to luxury, using the existing built-in speakers

In the same way ARKAMYS software solutions like SoundStage bring audio excellence to your car audio system, ARKAMYS sound consulting brings sound superiority directly to your team. Whether you want specialized audio tools that will help your brand improve sound quality, need advice on your product's hardware, or want your whole team to be more informed about the best practices in in-vehicle sound, ARKAMYS has you covered with their professional, worldwide support, based on numerous years of expertise in the automotive audio field.

  • This software solution enhances the sound scenes for everyone in the car by elevating the sound stage to provide a superb listening environment.
  • Our cost-effective solution is being used by top carmakers to give drivers and passengers superior sound perception and high fidelity audio rendering.
  • Sound Stage solutions has been created to enhance the sound performance from entry-level to high navigation systems (or radio), with entry to high range DSP platforms.
  • It offers car OEMs cutting-edge DSP technology for automotive sound systems with up to 12 channel outputs.

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31 rue Pouchet, Paris, France, Metropolitan, 75017
+33 1 79 97 14 50

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