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ENSCO Avionics Inc.

ENSCO Avionics, Inc. provides safety- and mission-critical engineering and COTS HMI development toolkits to the aerospace industry through specific focus on DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, SEAL, and military standards.

IData Tool Suite and IGL products have been successfully integrated with the VxWorks family of products

ENSCO Avionics engineering services team has utilized the VxWorks RTOS on many programs in DO-178 certifiable environments. The IData Tool Suite and IGL products have been successfully integrated and deployed on avionics systems with the VxWorks family of products in certifiable and non-certifiable environments. This experience with a leading RTOS vendor gives customers confidence in the company's ability to meet deadlines and reduce risk and deploy successful programs.

  • Ease Certification: Engineering Services has been providing high quality engineering resources for more than 25 years to the aerospace community with many systems utilizing the VxWorks RTOS. Our knowledge and experience of all aspects of the aircraft as well as a dedication to quality and aligning with industry standard (AS9100C) is what sets us apart.
  • Accelerate Development: The IData® Tool Suite is the only data driven HMI application development and deployment environment on the market. IData offers a rich set of advanced features with seamless integrations for digital moving maps (IDataMap) and for 3-D (IData3D) views to design powerful and functional HMI applications that can run on any version of the VxWorks RTOS (5.x;6.x;653).
  • Affordably Expand Graphics Processing: IGL is a DO-178C certifiable software graphics renderer allowing OpenGL graphics to be displayed in systems where SWaP, radiation tolerances, and hardware obsolescence are issues.

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ENSCO Avionics Inc.
3 Holiday Hill Road, Endicott, NY, United States, 13760
(951) 905-1928

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Aerospace & Defense

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VxWorks 653