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Wibu-Systems AG

WIBU-SYSTEMS AG (WIBU®), a privately held company founded by engineers Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit in 1989, is an innovative technology leader in the global software licensing market.

In its mission to deliver unique, most secure and highly flexible technologies to software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, Wibu-Systems has developed a comprehensive, award-winning suite of hardware- and software-based solutions incorporating internationally patented processes dedicated to the integrity protection of digital assets and intellectual property. Wibu-Systems' product portfolio addresses a wide variety of application delivery models, including PCs, PLC, mobile, embedded systems, cloud computing, SaaS, and virtualized architectures.

Through its motto "Perfection in Protection, Licensing and Security", Wibu-Systems is standing up for ethically produced software and reinforces its dedication to eradicate software counterfeiting, reverse-engineering, code tampering, as well as device and smart factory sabotage, espionage, and cyber-attacks.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Wibu-Systems holds subsidiaries in Seattle, USA, as well as in Shanghai and Beijing, China; the company also has sales offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and a capillary world distribution network.

Your Passport to Intellectual Property, Embedded System Integrity, and IoT Revenue Protection

As the Internet of Things becomes pervasive in plants, utilities and buildings, Wibu-Systems and Wind River® have joined forces to prevent the new cyber-threats that are jeopardizing the privacy of client's information, the integrity of systems, the security of production data, and the safety of workers and citizens. The integration of CodeMeter® into Security Profile for VxWorks® offers a scalable solution to protect devices, data and IP of smart factories, smart grids, and smart cities.

  • IP protection: Safeguarded by Wibu-Systems' market-leading security technology, the IP in binaries built for VxWorks 7 can be encrypted before being downloaded to the target, protecting the IP from reverse-engineering.
  • Integrity protection: A combined action of secure boot, digital signage, and asymmetric encryption prevents modification and tampering with the code before it is executed on the target system.
  • Flexible licensing: Hardware and software-based systems for the creation of an extended array of license models, their delivery, management, and tracking. This can also be integrated with existing back office platforms, like ERP, CRM, and e-commerce.

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Wibu-Systems AG
Ruppurrer Str. 52-54, Karlsruhe, Germany, 76137

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