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Runtime Computing Solutions LLC

RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC delivers industry-recognized software products for embedded high performance computing based on open standards. We also provide training, strategic design and architectural guidance, and expert IT services.

Founded in 2009 by industry veterans, RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC is a privately held, woman-owned and operated company.

Performance-Portable, Standards-Based Embedded Signal Processing Math Libraries for VxWorks Platforms, including VME-based and VXE-based systems with PowerPC e6500 and X86 Architectures

VSI/Pro is a proven, field-tested math library that provides excellent performance optimization for the complete range of signal processing applications on PowerPC®/Altivec (e600/e6500), and x86/SSE/AVX architectures running VxWorks. Our performance-portable embedded math libraries allow users to port their applications between VxWorks computers with different processors, as well as between Linux and VxWorks. Standards-based APIs ensure that programs are never locked to vendor-specific APIs. VSI/Pro has an established user base on VME and VXE-based systems.

  • Standards-based, performance-portable embedded signal processing library
  • Cross-platform and OS portability support for signal processing applications
  • Field-tested math functionality with over 15 years of worldwide deployment on VxWorks

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Runtime Computing Solutions LLC
1500 1st Ave N Unit 19, Birmingham, AL, United States, 35203-1865
(423) 713-9337

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