Wind River Helix App Cloud

Wind River® Helix App Cloud is a new kind of software development platform that removes the traditional complexities of building applications for embedded devices and systems.

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Simplify Your Development
for the Internet of Things

App Cloud is a cloud-based integrated development environment that offers a single location for streamlined management of software developer kits (SDKs), hardware targets, and users. Users can debug C, C++, and Node.js with access to remote device hardware targets.

  • Focus time and resources on creating applications rather than configuring complex device software.
  • Dynamically build and manage multiple SDKs on a variety of hardware platforms.
  • Securely access applications and device environments from anywhere.
  • Easily allow partners and other third parties to develop and modify applications.

How to Get Started

Using App Cloud is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Sign Up for Free

Absolutely no costs. Use it as long as you want.

2. Create a New Project

Set up your device SDK and download the device image.

3. Create Your Application

Write or import code. Build, run, debug. Done.

App Cloud Frees Your Team from the
Traditional Hassles of Building Embedded Applications

Reduce Development Costs

Eliminate the overhead of maintaining specialized engineering resources.

Collaborate Easily

Easily share the same application with team members or partners, regardless of location.

Support Agile Practices

Free teams from traditional limitations dictated by hardware-related project dependencies.

Speed Development

Quickly build applications for a wide variety of architectures and devices.

Customize Freely

Localize, connect, and build for any device, regardless of its location.

Protect Investments

Upgrade and refresh all your devices easily.

Power Your IoT Application Development with an Embedded Operating System Designed for Small IoT Devices


Pulsar is a small, high-performance, secure, and manageable Linux distribution available at no extra cost on hardware boards from our trusted partners, helping simplify and speed your embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Learn more about Pulsar

Seamlessly Move from Prototyping to Commercial Deployments

As your project grows and you want to move to full-scale commercial deployments,
we are here to help every step along the way.

Something for Any Size Project

From hobbyist makers to Fortune 100 manufacturers, the Wind River Helix porfolio provides support for a full range of project needs.

Expertise Throughout the IoT Infrastructure

From the tiniest devices to complex machines, through gateways, across the network, and into the cloud and enterprise, Wind River has the technologies to help you build the IoT.

Long Term Support

Wind River, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel®, is committed to IoT. Regardless of how long your device will be in use, we will be around to help you support it.

Help for Any Type of Organization

We have experience working with all kinds of organizations, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), global systems integrators, enterprises, and start-ups.

Learn more about our broader Helix porfolio of software, development tools, and services for helping any organization build and manage their IoT infrastructure.

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Wind River software is used in more than 2 billion devices around the world, in industries from aerospace and automotive to industrial and healthcare.