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Today's hackers are becoming more sophisticated, diverse, and plentiful, and network appliances are the first line of defense. Keeping networks secure requires high-performance devices with the ability not only to recognize but also to anticipate attacks. At the same time, performance demands on today's networks require the ability to scale and manage an ever-increasing volume and variety of traffic. To meet these challenges, security appliance manufacturers need to produce equipment that is more innovative and agile than ever before.

Join Wind River® at the Intel® Security booth at RSA 2014. Visit with our technical experts who will be demonstrating the high-performance deep packet inspection capabilities of Wind River Intelligent Network Platform.

Register now and enter the qualification code SC4XNTEL to be our guest in the exhibit hall.

RSA Conference 2014
February 24–28, 2014
Booth #3203
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA

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Increasing Data Center Security and Speed

Increasing Data Center Security and Speed

The Intel Communications Chipset 89xx Series combined with Wind River Intelligent Networking Platform provides a best-in-class solution designed to meet the need for privacy and security and deliver the ability to handle an increase in SSL-encrypted traffic.

Enhance Content Inspection with Hyperscan

Enhance Content Inspection with Hyperscan

Hyperscan, a software-based pattern matching solution, has been designed to provide equipment designers and security software vendors the ability to maintain line rates while performing deep packet inspection on the ever-increasing volume of network traffic.

Scaling DPI Intelligence in the Virtual Network

Scaling DPI Intelligence in the Virtual Network

Virtualization of network architectures often comes with unwanted degradation in performance. Having a software stack optimized for your platform becomes vital to a good customer experience. Wind River Open Virtualization provides a scalable platform optimized for the latest Intel platforms.

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