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Wind River
Edge Sync

Wind River® Edge Sync is an intelligent over-the-air (OTA) update and software lifecycle management solution enabling auto manufacturers to remotely maintain the integrity of embedded systems, apply feature and performance enhancements, and collect and report critical data across the lifecycle of the vehicle.

Product Overview

Edge Sync enables auto manufacturers to deploy secure, cost efficient update campaigns to connected vehicles, eliminating software recalls and associated warranty cost and enabling fast deployment of critical security patches and bug fixes while increasing customer satisfaction.

Built for Automotive

  • Developed specifically for resource constrained environments
  • Accurately reflects the in-vehicle device tree in the update package structure
  • Supports pause, resume, robust error handling, and rollback in the event of interrupted connection or update failure
  • Accommodates auto-specific use cases (scheduling and prioritization of updates, pre conditions, etc.) with customizable campaign parameters

Modular and Easy to Integrate

  • Offers flexibility to deploy each Edge Sync module independently, or as an end-end solution
  • Designed to interoperate and easily integrate into OEM proprietary or third-party technologies
  • Supports multiple in-vehicle and cloud-to-car protocols (Wind River, standard, and OEM proprietary)


  • Collects and reports up-to-date repository of hardware, software, firmware, and associated part numbers and versions deployed in connected vehicles
  • Collects update statistics as well as vehicle telematics and diagnostics data, enabling new revenue streams and business models


  • Ensures secure download and application of updates, from cloud to car to downstream ECUs, with proven reference implementation
  • Follows the Wind River Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL)—critical for embedded vehicle software

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Learn more about how Edge Sync helps auto manufacturers efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively deploy SOTA/FOTA updates while unlocking new revenue streams and business models.