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Overview and Demonstration of Titanium Server
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Titanium Server Demo: Live Migration
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Titanium Server Demo: Auto-Scaling
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Titanium Server Demo: Automatic Service Recovery
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Wind River Titanium Server Product Overview

Carrier Grade, High-Performance, Comprehensive Software Platform for Network Functions Virtualization

Until now, there have only been two options for building virtual networks and network functions virtualization (NFV) for telecom and other industries demanding high performance communications.

Option 1: Do-it-yourself
Hidden costs, high risk, increasing complexity

Option 2: Traditional enterprise software
Failure to meet reliability and performance requirements

The answer to the growing complexity, carrier reliability, and the high performance demanded by today’s “always on” society is Wind River® Titanium Server.

Wind River Titanium Server is the industry's first fully integrated and feature-complete NFV software platform. Wind River Titanium Server enables an NFV infrastructure to achieve the ultra-reliability and high performance mandated for telecom networks. It delivers six 9s (99.9999%) reliability compared to the three 9s of virtualized platforms based on common enterprise software designed for IT. Based on open source and open industry standards, but with the carrier grade extensions required, Titanium Server is the only commercial server solution enabling service providers to maintain the rigorous uptime required as networks transition to a virtualized infrastructure. With Titanium Server, service providers can now meet the “always on” expectations of consumers.

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Whats Included

Titanium Server includes the critical run-time components and lifecycle development tools, services, and developer support needed to successfully build and deploy a virtualized network running virtual network functions (VNF). Here’s what’s included:

Unique Features

Key Benefits

Importance of Carrier Grade

Carrier grade networks have stringent requirements. Today's telecom networks are all based on carrier grade attributes: network availability, security, performance, and management.

In an NFV architecture, delivering carrier grade reliability while also achieving high performance throughput with minimal latency becomes even more challenging. Not only does the operating system need to achieve 99.9999% guaranteed uptime, so do all the other software elements in the stack. Now, the operating system, hypervisor, virtual switch, orchestrator (OpenStack), and middleware must all deliver the carrier grade attributes.

NFV Use Cases

Wind River Titanium Server is the software foundation for virtual machines to run VNFs. The platform is being used in a number of ETSI use cases and proof-of-concepts. Typical VNFs running on Titanium Server include:

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