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Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT Product Overview

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT Product Note

Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT is a scalable, sustainable, and secure development environment that simplifies the development, integration, and deployment of gateways for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is based on Wind River industry-leading operating systems, which are standards-compliant and fully tested, and includes Wind River development tools. The platform provides device security, smart connectivity, rich network options, and device management. Intelligent Device Platform includes ready-to-use components built exclusively for developing IoT applications.

Intelligent Device Platform XT is part of Intel® IoT Gateway, a family of platforms that enables companies to seamlessly interconnect industrial devices and other systems into a system of systems. Intel IoT Gateway enables customers to securely aggregate, share, and filter data for analysis. It helps ensure that federated data generated by devices and systems can travel securely and safely from the edge to the cloud and back—without replacing existing infrastructure.

Key Features

Core IoT Building Blocks

Connectivity, manageability, and security are core IoT building blocks, essential to reducing device manufacturers’ time-to-market, complexity, and risk. Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT natively delivers on all three:


  • Pre-integrated smart and connected capabilities enable rich network options to save development time and costs.
  • Validated and flexible firmware provides an extensive network of connectivity choices, including broad modem support and PAN, LAN, and WAN network access.


  • Platform customization significantly reduces development time while increasing the product’s life span and uptime.
  • Long-term secure remote manageability simplifies deployment, maintenance, and management of remote devices.


  • Features, from a hardware root of trust to boot and software loading, are designed for IoT software development to protect critical data throughout the device lifecycle. With support for secure image, secure data, and secure management, the device and data are protected from boot to operations and management.
  • Customizable secure remote management ensures end device integrity via secure boot, provides encrypted communication between device and cloud-based management console, and limits exposure of untrusted applications through device resource management.


Intelligent Device Platform XT provides the foundation for fast development of intelligent system solutions on industry standards, using a proven software stack with application portability for leading programming environments such as Lua and Java to enable customers to quickly build gateway applications, connect, and send and receive data from the cloud.

Designed to securely connect edge devices to the cloud, Intelligent Device Platform XT and Intel IoT Gateway are ideal for a vast array of applications, including building environment, manufacturing floor, governmental infrastructure services, and much more. By capturing and analyzing data from new sources, it gives management, service businesses, product manufacturers, and their ecosystems new opportunities for accelerating business innovation, a new understanding of the behavior and uses of their existing products, and a foundation for designing new products for the marketplace.

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform



Transportation systems rely on data and automated decisions to ensure safe and predictable service, as well as economic viability for operators. Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT enables vehicles to communicate with each other, and transportation equipment and systems to operate more predictably and efficiently, while simultaneously enhancing safety and enabling operators to meet stringent certification requirements.

Building Automation

For both businesses and residences, building automation holds great potential for reducing power consumption and incorporating efficiencies based on the schedules and usage patterns of inhabitants. Building operators and residential consumers can monitor utility consumption and control heating, lighting, and security systems remotely. Smart power meters and appliances can communicate with intelligent power sources to help balance supply and demand. Intelligent Device Platform XT enables IoT devices to make smart buildings and homes a reality.

Industrial Automation

Enormous productivity gains in existing industrial automation operations are spawning the creation of entirely new businesses and services made possible only by a smart networked infrastructure. Intelligent Device Platform XT provides a complete software development environment to accelerate the development of smart IoT devices.

Smart Energy

M2M monitoring and control enable the smart grid to adjust to ever-changing conditions with enhanced reliability, security, and performance. The smart energy grid integrates traditional and emerging power sources for the delivery of cleaner, safer, and more economical energy. Intelligent Device Platform XT allows connected devices to perform power management tasks with finer precision and faster response times than manual, human-dependent systems, thereby saving energy, prioritizing usage, and setting policies for response to outages.

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