Electronic Software Delivery

Download Wind River Software

Wind River® encourages customers to set up their computers to receive our software, security updates, bug fixes, and patches electronically. Electronic software delivery offers multiple benefits compared to traditional physical media delivery with CD-ROMs via the mail.

  • Faster: Receive software the same day. No waiting for the mail.

  • Easier: Just click and you are done. Any updates or software patches are automatically sent and installed.

  • More secure: Electronic downloads allow Wind River customers to instantly receive security patches as soon as they are ready.

Test Your Connection

Are you able to download Wind River software?

An organization's network can sometimes prevent the delivery of Wind River software. Most often this is caused by firewall or proxy server settings that block certain kinds of software installations.

The Wind River software installer includes a testing utility for checking your network and computer settings to verify you can download Wind River software on your company computer. Please follow the instructions below to set up your computer for downloading Wind River software and for receiving automatic updates.


Download the Wind River software installer.

Click Download below to download the Wind River installer .ZIP file.



Unzip the installer and open the setup file.

Go to the installer file you just placed on your computer. Click setup.exe for Windows or setup_linux for Linux. This will open the Wind River installer dialog box, which will guide the testing and software download process.


Test your network connection.

Run the test utility by clicking ESD Test in the installer dialog box to test your network connection.

If the test fails, return to the dialog box and click Advanced. Under Network Settings click Test Internet Connection.


If you passed the test: Proceed with installing your Wind River software.

If you did not pass the test: Please contact your IT administrator. To resolve the connection issue, you will likely need to adjust your proxy server setting on your web browser or computer system.

If your IT administrator cannot resolve the issue for you, please contact Wind River Support.


For best performance of Wind River software, your computer needs to have up-to-date hardware and software.

VIEW system requirements


Many Wind River software packages are very large (usually several GB, and sometimes as much as 88 GB). These files take an hour to a day or more to load, depending on your Internet connection speed.

VIEW download times and file sizes