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Product Spotlight

Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive
Product Overview

Wind River Connectivity Solution Accelerator for Android Product Overview

Accelerate the In-Vehicle Infotainment Experience

Recent advancements in mobile technologies have made the "connected car" an unstoppable trend in the automotive industry. Consumers want to remain completely connected with the same user experience they have on their smartphones, if not better—even while literally on the move.

The Android operating system is quickly becoming a platform of interest to build these next-generation in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. The maturity of the platform, access to hundreds of thousands of applications, and a user-friendly interface give developers a solid foundation on top of which to add differentiation. However, barriers do exist when porting Android to an automotive platform. Wind River® Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive is designed to overcome those barriers, accelerate time-to-market, and help create a "connected car" experience that is robust, feature rich, and sustainable.

Controlling iOS Devices Through Android

Everywhere we go, our digital devices go with us. We want to listen to the music we like whenever and wherever we want, and the car is no exception. Wind River Connectivity Solution Accelerator for Android provides users seamless access to their multimedia content by simply docking their iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad® and accessing it through the car's console.

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Customizable Home Screen for Easy Control Access

Wind River offers a user-customizable IVI home screen that allows users to place frequently accessed application icons where they need them most. It provides well-categorized application groups, including automotive-specific applications, and a layout that is suitable for use in cars.

Tune in to This Android Frequency

Listening to FM radio while driving is one of the most used features in an IVI system and an important way for people to get news, music, and entertainment.

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Comprehensive Solution Portfolio That Can Help Shorten Time-to-Market

In addition to the automotive bundle, Wind River offers a variety of other solution accelerators that could supplement the requirements of your next IVI project, including

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