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Wind River Linux and the Yocto Project
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Wind River Linux 6
Product Overview

Wind River Linux 6
Product Note

Introducing Wind River Linux 6

Wind River® has introduced the latest version of Wind River Linux, the industry standard for embedded Linux software. The new version includes expanded hardware support for the latest ARM, Intel®, MIPS, and Power architectures. Wind River Linux is also updated with the current Linux kernel, toolchain, and user space.

With the Yocto Project 1.5 open source development infrastructure as its core foundation, Wind River Linux 6 uses the latest Linux kernel as its upstream source to ensure customers have commercially supported access to the newest advancements from the open source community. Adding to existing Intel architecture 64-bit support, Wind River Linux includes ARM 64-bit processing support to further address the constantly growing data size requirements for embedded systems.

Maintaining a roll-your-own embedded Linux project is expensive, time consuming, and risky. Wind River helps you lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by taking the cost, time, and risk out of embedded Linux development with a proven commercial solution. Our investment in each Wind River Linux release and our ongoing patch and security vulnerability management equate to over 160 person-years of effort. Our customers benefit from this investment by trusting Wind River to provide their embedded Linux solution.

Yocto Project Compatibility

Yocto Project CompatibleThe Yocto Project compliance program is meant to strengthen the project's strategic initiatives, and as a leading Yocto Project participant, Wind River has built Wind River Linux to be Yocto Project Compatible—enabling developers to increase cross-architecture portability, improve software and middleware interoperability, and reduce the cost of change for their embedded Linux platforms.

Features Yocto Project Wind River Linux
Kernel, toolchain, core user space packages, build system
Commercial quality assurance (QA) across entire feature/architecture matrix over a large number of development hosts None
Long-term customer support and maintenance, including SLAs None Monthly
Regular cumulative service packs that include response fixes to security alerts Every six months Monthly
Commercial-grade intellectual property (IP) compliance review and disclosure documentation None
Advanced simulation, compilation, debugging, visualization, and analysis tools None

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Carrier Grade Linux (CGL)
Add-on Solutions

Wind River Open Virtualization is the first open source virtualization product that can support hardware consolidation with extremely low latency and high throughput running on standard hardware. It solves the challenges of new service deployment time constraints, data traffic growth scalability, and budget limitations while remaining true to the spirit of open source.

Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River Linux is the first Linux Foundation Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 registered product with Yocto Project compatibility for IA, ARM, MIPS, and PPC—the essential choice when you require 99.999% availability and need to meet other strict carrier grade standards.

Hardware Support

Wind River Linux supports an array of hardware for ARM, Intel, MIPS, and Power architectures. Wind River provides board support packages (BSPs) for widely adopted processors including Intel Atom™, Intel second- and third-generation Xeon®/Core™ processors (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge), Texas Instruments OMAP 3, Freescale QorIQ P4080, LSI Axxia ACP34xx, and Xilinx Zynq.

If the hardware you require for your next project is not supported on our list of Wind River Linux board support packages (BSPs), the Wind River Professional Services team can help create a custom BSP. Please contact Wind River Sales or your local area account manager for more information.

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