The modular, future-proof architecture of VxWorks 7 separates the OS kernel from applications and other packages. As a result, packages can be added or upgraded without requiring modifications to the OS core, allowing customers to fix bugs and update products with new features with minimal rework, testing, or recertification.

VxWorks 7 allows customers to reduce development and maintenance costs by leveraging a combination of the VxWorks microkernel (just 20 KB small) and the standard kernel, both built on the same VxWorks 7 platform, to create one RTOS foundation that can scale across different classes of devices.

Connectivity is a key requirement for IoT, and VxWorks provides support for industry-leading standards and protocols (such as USB, CAN, Bluetooth, FireWire, and Continua) and delivers high-performance networking capabilities out of the box.

The pervasive connectivity of IoT exposes devices to more security risks than ever before, and VxWorks 7 together with Security Profile for VxWorks deliver a comprehensive set of security features to efficiently and effectively protect devices and data at every stage—from boot up to operation to data transmission to powering down.

VxWorks 7 together with Safety Profile for VxWorks leverages advanced time and space partitioning to enable reliable consolidation of applications with different levels of criticality on one hardware platform, single or multi-core, helping reduce the costs, risks, and lead times required to create and certify differentiated IEC 61508 SIL 3 industrial systems.

For customers whose products demand advanced graphics, VxWorks 7 delivers a graphics-ready platform that features a new highly efficient OpenVG-based stack, hardware-assisted graphics drivers, and the Tilcon graphics designer tool.

Virtualization Profile for VxWorks brings real-time embedded virtualization capabilities that enable customers to consolidate multiple hardware platforms on a single multi-core platform.

Industry-Specific Profiles

Industry-specific profiles enrich the VxWorks 7 Core Platform with a range of highly relevant capabilities that help customers meet industry and technology requirements to address the new market opportunities created by IoT. The profiles transform the VxWorks 7 Core Platform into a powerful RTOS solution specifically designed to meet the needs of embedded device manufacturers in the medical, industrial, networking, and consumer electronics industries. The profiles add features and enhancements pertaining to safety, security, connectivity, manageability, networking, user interface, and graphics.

VxWorks: World's #1 RTOS

Deployed in over 1.5 billion devices, VxWorks® is the world's most widely-used real-time operating system (RTOS), trusted by leading innovators worldwide. See how VxWorks has helped KUKA, NASA JPL, and Bachmann:

  • KUKA

    See how KUKA used VxWorks to deliver its revolutionary KRC4 controller on time and reduce risk during development.


    Learn how VxWorks controls Curiosity's operations, from the initial launch to the "seven minutes of terror" landing, to the complex, mission-critical tasks it is performing on Mars.

  • Bachmann

    Learn how VxWorks helped Bachmann achieve record efficiency during this state-of-the-art controller system project.

Modular, Upgradeable, Future-Proof Architecture

Enrich your products with new features and capabilities as standards and market requirements evolve—
without retesting or recertifying the entire system.

In VxWorks 7, the core OS kernel is separated from middleware, protocols, applications,
and other packages. As a result:

  • The core OS remains stable for extended periods of time.
    Provides a robust, reliable long-term foundation for embedded system development
  • Packages can be updated as required without affecting the core.
    Enables faster upgrades and bug fixes with less testing

    Enables the addition of new features to existing systems to sustain their competitiveness
  • Multiple versions of packages can coexist.
    Allows patches or new versions to be tried out and rolled back if required

Unprecedented Partner Ecosystem

Access a broad range of integrated and validated third-party hardware
and software technologies to differentiate your product offering,
speed time-to-market, and reduce development risks.

  • Vector Software

    "Vector Software has a longstanding commitment to Wind River RTOS solutions. Together, we have worked on approximately 200 projects with companies to bring tested, high quality applications to market faster—while simultaneously driving down development and maintenance costs. The combined VectorCAST and Wind River environment enables software development teams to easily automate complex testing tasks to improve software quality, using test-driven development, continuous integration, and change-based testing processes. We look forward to leveraging the scalability of the VxWorks 7 RTOS to enable the verification of best-of-breed applications."

    William McCaffrey, Chief Operations Officer, Vector Software

  • GE Intelligent Platforms

    "The enhanced modularity and flexibility of VxWorks 7 will enable wider customer choices and reduce integration burdens. It will allow our customers to adopt new features without having to re-engineer and re-integrate legacy support functions related to the core operating system and hardware operation."

    Andy West, Product Manager, Military/Aerospace Software, GE Intelligent Platforms

  • Curtiss-Wright

    "Curtiss-Wright congratulates Wind River on the launch of its new VxWorks operating environment, its smaller footprint and flexible approach for adding safety and security profiles will be welcomed by our rugged deployed defense and aerospace customers. We plan to start using this new real-time operating environment on our next generation open architecture module and system products."

    Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Division

  • AdaCore

    "We at AdaCore are excited to join Wind River in providing our customers a new level of flexibility for the development and deployment of their applications. The enhanced modularity and scalability of the VxWorks 7 platform combines well with our development tools for building reliable, safe, and secure software. Together, we look forward to delivering unsurpassed customizability of applications and systems with the accompanying economies of 'just the right capabilities' for the tasks at hand."

    Ed Falis, Product Manager, GNAT Pro for VxWorks, AdaCore

  • CoreAVI

    "CoreAVI is very impressed with the modularity, performance, and scalability features in the latest version of Wind River VxWorks. The combination of CoreAVI's OpenGL Graphics and H.264/MPEG2 video drivers with VxWorks 7 provides our customers with enhanced operational capabilities to support next generation embedded display systems, and gain a competitive edge in the world of IoT."

    Lee Melatti, CEO, CoreAVI

  • Kontron

    “Kontron is excited about the modular architecture of VxWorks 7 that will allow us to keep our embedded products competitive throughout their lifecycle by fixing bugs and adding new features efficiently, without reworking or retesting the entire system. We believe the VxWorks 7 small footprint will provide an optimal fit for our products for which a reduction in size, weight and power consumption is a critical requirement. We welcome the addition of an Open VG-based graphics stack, the Bluetooth, Continua, and the new standards-based Wind River Workbench 4 development suite. Kontron looks forward to leveraging the latest release of VxWorks for our existing and forthcoming embedded products and expects an easy migration from the previous version.”

    Hubert Hafner, Product Manager, Kontron

  • KW-Software

    "For KW-Software, enhanced scalability, functional safety, and security capabilities are key factors in addressing the specific needs of industries out-of-the-box. We look forward to effectively assisting our customers in their implementation of cutting-edge control and automation solutions of the future with VxWorks 7. The ease of migration will help us to design and integrate new sophisticated control architectures while leveraging our investment in VxWorks 6.x and earlier versions for use with VxWorks 7."

    Andreas Orzelski, Managing Director, KW-Software

  • Wibu-Systems

    "The Security Profile for VxWorks 7 delivers huge benefits to developers: it protects their IP and know-how against counterfeiting, and their software against tampering and cyber-attacks. The solution is an ideal fit for embedded systems, IoT, industrial automation, and medical devices. In addition, the integrated Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter technology empowers developers to seamlessly deploy flexible licensing schemes, and enables new business models with hardware-based CmDongles or software-based CmActLicenses."

    Oliver Winzenried, CEO of Wibu-Systems