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Wind River VxWorks Platforms Product Overview

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VxWorks Powers Mars Science Laboratory Rover, Curiosity

Serious Real-Time Performance

At Wind River®, we take pride in the innovations that have made VxWorks® the No. 1 real-time operating system (RTOS) in the world, and we're committed to continued excellence in each of our core strength areas:

Business Drivers

Next-Generation Platform Support

64-Bit Support

  • Unique optimizations available for the latest-generation 64-bit processors
  • Memory made accessible beyond the RTOS 4GB memory barrier
  • Full utilization of all the processing power in your hardware platform
  • Excellent scalability for high performance in next-generation devices

Innovative Multi-core Support

  • Support for multi-core processors out of the box, with extensive configuration options
  • Alignment with multiple CPU vendor roadmaps and release schedules
  • Unique configuration options, including multiple SMP across “any-to-any” core groupings and mixed SMP/AMP modes
  • Pre-integrated and optimized industry-specific solutions
  • Smaller footprints with the same or more processing power
  • Ability to exploit new CPU technologies from your supplier of choice with minimal lag.

Flexible Business Model

  • Extensible licensing across all projects, so the more projects you have, the lower the contribution per customer product
  • Production licenses that enable multiple projects and are paid on in-service applications
  • Production costs shifted to operating expenses, making budget allocation more manageable and predictable
  • Licensing aligned with customer success

Complete COTS Solution

  • Extensive BSP options offering better out-of-the-box experience and minimized project risk with reduced need for large custom builds
  • Broad partner ecosystem with integrated and optimized solutions across hardware and industry use cases
  • Complete development tools, plug-ins, and utilities, with excellent third-party tool integrations
  • Complete services portfolio, including architecture assessment and application and multi-core migration

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