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Throughout the device development cycle, engineers must spend valuable time integrating standard technologies. Although these technologies are required for commercial acceptance, they do not offer enough differentiating features to give devices an edge in the market. To gain that competitive advantage, developers need a quick and easy way to integrate the fundamental technologies and enable the production process to move forward.

Wind River® offers pre-integrated and tested run-time middleware technologies that work across multiple industries and device applications. Wind River VxWorks® platform components allow engineers to take advantage of run-time technologies such as advanced networking, security, and a variety of protocols.

Wind River VxWorks Platform Components


Base Middleware*

TIPC Distributed Shared Memory USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
dosFs NAND and TrueFFS (NOR) Flash File System HRFS
IPv4/IPv6 Network Stack PPP


Additional Middleware**

Wireless Ethernet Mobile IPv4/IPv6 802.1Q VLAN Media Library
SSL and SSH IPsec and IKE NAT/Firewall IGMP/MLD
RADIUS and Diameter Client Wireless Security Crypto Libraries EAP
SNMP v1/v2/v3 Web Server CLI/MIBway Learning Bridge

* Included in all VxWorks platforms
** Included in VxWorks industry-specific platforms


Modular by design, these standard technologies can be selectively compiled into devices as needed, saving software development teams valuable time and resources and allowing them to focus on the key differentiating features and functionality of their devices.

Learn more about VxWorks’ middleware capabilities:

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