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Differentiated Devices. Faster Time-to-Market.

VxWorks 7 together with Consumer Profile for VxWorks offers a complete fast-boot, small-footprint, low-power RTOS solution, built from the ground up for consumer device manufacturers, so they can focus on differentiation and get to market faster with rock-solid, innovative, IoT-ready products for their consumers.

Technology Ecosystem for Best-of-Breed Platforms

VxWorks’ large ecosystem of complementary third-party hardware and software technologies enables customers to create differentiated best-of-breed platforms based on VxWorks and their choice of validated complementary hardware and software solutions.

The RTOS Foundation for Today and Tomorrow

The expandable, upgradable architecture of VxWorks 7 separates the core kernel from middleware, applications, and other packages, allowing bug fixes, upgrades, and new feature additions to be accomplished faster and without retesting or recertification of the entire system.


Consumer Profile enhances the VxWorks 7 Core Platform with the following additional capabilities:

  • Wind River® SSL Secure Sockets Layer protocol
  • Wind River SSH Secure Shell protocol
  • Wind River Cryptography Libraries
  • Wind River IPsec and IKE Internet Protocol Security and Internet Key Exchange
  • Wind River Wireless Security

Device Manageability
  • Wind River Web Services: HTTP, XML, and GSOAP
  • WebCLI
  • Wind River SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Wind River Web Server
  • MIBway for Wind River Web Server
  • MCE
  • cURL
User Interface and Graphics
  • Open VG software-driven vector graphics stack
  • OpenGL ES 2D and 3D graphics stack with graphics processing unit (GPU) support
  • Tilcon user interface (UI) designer tool with graphical user interface (GUI) builder and software renderer


Expand the technological capabilities of your VxWorks with Consumer Profile even further by leveraging the following compatible add-on profiles.


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