Connect Your Edge Devices to the Cloud

Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT is a customizable middleware development environment that provides security, connectivity, rich networking options, and device management. It simplifies the development, integration, and deployment of gateways for the Internet of Things.

Features and Benefits

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT is based on our industry-leading operating systems and includes ready-to-use tools and components.

Benefits include the following:

  • Quickly build gateway applications.

  • Dependably connect devices and gateways to other networks.

  • Securely store and manage your data in the cloud.

  • Capture and analyze data from new sources.

  • Drive new business insights and opportunities.

Gateway Security

Delivers built-in security features designed to safeguard your network, data, and machines.

Application Enablement

Provides Lua, Java, and OSGi application environments to enable portable, scalable, and reusable application development on both resource-constrained and full-featured devices.

Device Connectivity

Utilizes MQTT for data transportation and native support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and short-range wireless protocols used in Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Remote Device Management

Supports well-established management protocols such as TR-069 and OMA DM.


Intelligent Device Platform XT offers crucial software support for the development, integration, and deployment of IoT gateways.

It provides the following:


  • Pre-integrated smart and connected capabilities enable rich network options that save development time and costs.

  • Validated and flexible firmware provides an extensive network of connectivity choices, including broad modem support and PAN, LAN, and WAN network access.


  • Platform customization significantly reduces development time while increasing the product’s life span and uptimes.

  • Long-term secure remote manageability simplifies deployment, maintenance, and management of remote devices.


  • Key features protect critical data traveling across your device network.

  • Secure image, secure data, and secure management is supported.

  • Encrypted communication is provided between the cloud-based console and your devices.

  • Device resources management limits exposure of untrusted applications.


Wind River is helping companies across industries harness IoT for improving their businesses and streamlining their operations.

Intelligent Device Platform XT is ideal for the following markets:


Bring new data and analytic insights to ensure safe, efficient, and predictable transportation systems.

  • Improve vehicle connectivity.
  • Create more reliable equipment and systems.
  • Enhance safety and help operators meet stringent certification requirements.

Building Automation

Bring new control, visibility, and efficiencies for reducing power consumption, ensuring safety, and providing services to new and existing buildings.

  • Monitor utility usage.
  • Remotely manage environmental controls, including lighting and heating.
  • Centrally manage security network.
  • Connect to smart power meters and machines.

Industrial Automation

Wind River has been helping industrial manufacturers bring intelligence to their operations. Gain insights from your machine data with smarter device management.

Smart Grid

Build more intelligent energy infrastructure by combining traditional and emerging power sources for the delivery of cleaner, safer, and more economical energy. Perform power-management tasks with finer precision and faster response times.


Daikin Industries

One of the world’s largest makers of building systems turns to Wind River to move data from its heating and cooling equipment to the cloud. Daikin is harnessing this data for analytics and insights into how to better manage intelligent buildings.