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The Most Advanced Tools for Innovating on
Wind River Platforms

The pressures to develop more efficiently are real. You're building complex products with shrinking budgets and distributed teams, and your competition is moving at a dizzying pace. Wind River® has thoughtfully designed a collection of technologies to help you power through critical activities in every phase of your development life cycle.

Accelerate development and compress schedules with Wind River Development Tools

Dream It. Simulate It. Validate It.

Considering multiple hardware options for your product architecture? Throw out the data sheets and prototype each configuration virtually to learn with precision which configuration best suits your specifications.


A More Efficient Way to Develop Products

When your development environment is built in lockstep with your Wind River platform you get the highest level of control to configure, analyze, and debug your system. Extend Wind River Workbench with Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging for agent and agentless debugging, and pair it with Wind River Diab Compiler for highly optimized, standards-compliant object code. Take advantage of full system simulation with Wind River Simics to break all the rules of software development as you know them and ship faster than you ever thought possible.


Streamlined Testing and QA

With simulated systems you don't have to wait—begin QA testing earlier in the project to mitigate the likelihood of expensive defects appearing late in the development life cycle.


Hands-on Deployment

Arm your sales team with a simulated product before the physical product is available so they can begin selling earlier. Because simulated systems scale infinitely, your support organization can perfectly reproduce customer systems to track down difficult issues. And you'll train customers without worrying about hardware constraints in virtual labs.


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