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Wind River Chosen by Echelon to Optimize Device Software Development

ALAMEDA, Calif.- June 7, 2004 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in device software optimization, today announced that Echelon Corporation selected Wind River Platform for Industrial Devices as the device software foundation for its i.LON® 100 Internet Server. Echelon chose Wind River Platform for Industrial Devices because it enables them to develop software for the i.LON family of products faster, better, at a lower cost, and more reliably. By building the i.LON 100 on the Wind River Platform, Echelon can connect networks of intelligent devices as well as standalone devices to the Internet, providing customers with the ability to automate and control their automation systems or devices from any location.

"Our customers rely on Echelon to provide market leading device network infrastructure products that allow them to manage their automation solutions remotely – as a network or as individual devices," said Vijay Dhingra, Echelon's director of product management. "By building the i.LON 100 Internet Server on the Wind River Platform for Industrial Devices, we can spend less time integrating foundational technologies and more time developing software to meet the strict requirements for control reliability and performance, and the core needs of our customers."

Wind River is focused on providing its industrial customers with the software foundation and tools necessary to build, connect and manage intelligent devices from the factory floor to the enterprise. According to a recent Venture Development Corporation report, the industrial automation market is increasingly focused on innovation with an emphasis on software. In addition, while there has been significant technology turnover, real-time and reliability requirements remain critical as is the need for simplicity and connectivity.*

"By providing Echelon with Wind River Platform for Industrial Devices, we can help them optimize their device software development," said Michel Genard, vice president, platforms marketing for Wind River "Whether connecting industrial devices from the factory floor to the enterprise or other intelligent devices spanning across varying vertical markets, device software optimization allows our customers to create and sustain competitive advantage."

Echelon's decision to transition from VxWorks to Platform IA for its next generation Internet Server solutions illustrates Echelon's continued success with Wind River. Currently, Echelon's i.LON 100, i.LON 600 and i.LON 1000 all run on Wind River's VxWorks®, the industry's leading real-time operating system for device software. Echelon will begin building its i.LON 100 on the Wind River Platform for Industrial Devices in June 2004, with plans to build its i.LON 600 and i.LON 1000 shortly thereafter.

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Wind River is the market leader in device software optimization. Wind River enables companies to develop and run software faster, better, at a lower cost and more reliably. Wind River Platforms tightly integrate a rich set of market-leading operating systems, development tools and middleware with services to provide a complete foundation that meets the specific requirements of a vertical market. Wind River's products and professional services are used in multiple markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, digital consumer, industrial, and network infrastructure. Companies from around the world turn to Wind River to create the most reliable products and to accelerate their time to market.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call Wind River at 800-872-4977.

*Venture Development Corporation Report, February 2004: Embedded Developers' Demand and Requirements for Commercial OSs and Software Development Tools.

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